Jason is a former career military servicemember disabled in the line of duty.  After more than a decade of service he started to make the transition to politics to help his community and fellow residents.  As a civilian he has worked in the Security Management and Emergency Services career field.  Most recently he was a volunteer with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in Marine Environmental Protection.

The results of the 2016 elections has started to affect his life and many of the people around him.  His wife being a non-US citizen became a concern despite her being a Permanent Resident of the USA.  Several friends and family are now worried if they will be able to keep their healthcare.  This is important since his brother has a disabling traumatic brain injury and one of his daughters suffers from mental health complications.

The decisions that are being made at the National level have been powerful.  At the federal level programs are being removed and the States are being required to pick up the slack.  After being appointed to the County Environmental Commission, Jason has had the chance to see what effects this can have in the future.  He made the decision that he would have the most opportunity to help his and the neighboring communities at the State Level.

He brings with him the experience and passion needed for a leader to promote a better quality of life for everyone.  Our State Leaders need to be more responsible in their spending and take care of programs that actually work and the people that who are affected by its decisions.  Our people need a leader who will listen to them and take their concerns to the Capital.  Jason will do that.

Please help him by donating to support the costs of his campaign.  By donating you are making sure that your voice will be heard.  That Minnesotans will get a representative who will look out for what's important to them.

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September 18, 2018

Suspended Campaign

Sorry for the late update, several months ago I suspended this campaign. Thank you to those who made a promised contribution and those who were waiting.

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!