My name is John Wannamaker.

I'm representing the voices of over 70 million people and counting. I'm representing all of you who have ever failed at something, wanted more out life, had setbacks and struggles, but still overcame every obstacle. Our country and our communities need representatives in government office who know what they are going through day-to-day. We need people who care about their district, their voters and the American people. That person to choose, to support, to rally behind and to share is me, John Wannamaker.

Recently, I heard an elected Republican Congressman say, "If his voters think he works for them, that's bullcrap." He's wrong! When I'm elected, I'll have an open door policy. I'll fight for criminal justice reform, good paying jobs, equality for all, respect for faith, employment for young people, affordable medication and American small business increase.

I want you to know, "It's Hour Time!" Over the next few months, you'll learn more about what that means. Help me to get into office and to bring the experience of what you are going through. Make a contribution today and become a monthly partner if possible.

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    “John is truly a good man. I know he will fight tirelessly to help the people and communities he represents.”

May 4, 2017

HR 1628 Passed the House Today, Appalled!

I'm appalled that the House of Representatives decided to pass the Health Care Reform Bill today (HR 1628) which will repeal the Affordable Care Act and take health coverage from millions of Americans. 

I knew I was running for office before this happened and I hope the communities local, and nationally stand with me in saying the current leaders in office do not have the best interest of the people in mind.

I hope to get your support.  I'm John Wannamaker and It's Hour Time.  The right time, at the right hour to make changes in Washington, D.C.

Campaign created!

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