The 2017 California Democratic Party Convention is taking place May 19-21 in Sacramento.

Over 3,000 delegates are headed there to vote on new party leadership.  We won 60% of the delegate election in January now we need your help to get these delegates to Sacramento!

Each delegate has to cover their own cost to get to Sacramento and between the transportation, lodging, fees and food the cost adds up!

We're still in need of additional funding to reach our goal, this covers costs of delegates below and marketing and overhead costs to promote the campaign.

LINK to Confirmed List of delegates from CADEM

Delegates still in need of funding:

Randy Villegas                                $100

Kimberly Kirchmer                         $100

Xavier Aubuchon-Mendoza           $342

Alexis Edelstein                            $1000

Dan McCrory                                 $1000

Felipe Grimaldo Jimenez                $380

Elizabeth Lavertu                            $500

Deana  Becker                                 $350

Porsche Middleton                         $400

Jim Wheaton                                  $200

Leon Cisneros                                $400

Chris Robson                                $1000

Example of costs:

Lodging                   $250, ave for 2 nights

Registration             $90

Party Dues               $85

Caucus Dues             $105, ave for 3 caucus

Convention Dinner  $125

Travel (variable)       $200-$600

Because of this the Berniecrats of California, an Official Our Revolution Partner are offering to raise funds to pay for eligible delegates lodging.

While some delegates have set up a gofundme page or something similar, many delegates do not have the social media bandwidth or network to amass any significant funds.  The Berniecrats of California would work as a centralized depository in which all funds donated to this event will go to the participating delegates. (*minus any marketing costs including social media ad buys and any printed collateral)

The Berniecrats of California are a 501(c)(3), non profit.  All contributions to the Berniecrats of California are tax deductible and there is no limit on how much an individual or organization can donate.

We invite all Progressive Delegates who are interested to agree to become a designated participant to the Berniecrats of California in order to participate.  

If you're a delegate and want to sign up for funding as a designated participant please go to following link: REGISTER FOR FUNDING

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • endorsed

    “I whole-heartedly support Jim and Carey as delegates. I trust their integrity, non-dual approach and judgement. Thanks for doing this for all of us.”

  • endorsed

    “The Democratic Party needs to embrace the grassroots progressives if it wants to survive and steer this country on to the right path.”

  • endorsed

    “We can't change the party if we can't get to the convention. It's just another way the establishment filters out resistance.”

  • endorsed

    “Assembly District Delegates are unpaid volunteer positions. Our progressive delegates are in this to change the status quo and create a Democratic Party that will serve the people of California and not powerful corporate interest. Our progressive delegates have worked and sacrificed a lot to earn a seat at the convention. Now we must help them offset the cost of registration, lodging and travel. Lets help our delegates make it to Sacramento so they may continue the important work they do.”

  • endorsed

    “Government needs to get back to it's roots of being for the people and by the people. Helping Delegates get to the California State Convention is a first step towards achieving the Progressive changes we need. Where California goes, the rest of the nation will follow.”

  • endorsed

    “We need as many progressive voices in Sacramento as possible... I'll see you there!”

  • endorsed

    “Help progressive delegates make it to the convention to represent YOU and change the Democratic Party for the good of the people rather than corporate interests.”

  • endorsed

    “Change only happens when we get involved.”

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!