I am running for the US House in Iowa's 1st Congressional District as a Green. I am running a Bernie-style campaign that gets all of its money from the average Americans I will faithfully represent in Congress- smalltime donors and local businesses, not billionaire corporate super PACs, fund my campaign. Together, we can unseat the incumbent Republican, stop establishment politic bickering, and get some work done for real America.

I will fight for $15.

I will propose and sign onto universal and single-payer healthcare bills.

I will make sure that Americans have access to the free public education they deserve.

I will defend and expand our civil rights, fighting for the rights of racial minorities, women, the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, and all other people marginalized and oppressed by establishment politicians.

I will support Iowa's and America's forward-thinking green energy programs and work to enhance them.

I will work to strike down the corrupt campaign finance laws that allowed for horrible candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to become the presidential candidates of 2016, rather than a candidate of the people, Bernie Sanders.

The political revolution has begun.

Progressive candidates have started campaigns nationwide to strike back at the establishment billionaires looking to profit off of hard-working middle class America.

Now is our chance to take our country back.

Let's start a Progressive Revolution and elect leaders with the strength to stand up to Wall Street and the compassion to fight for their fellow Americans!

With your help, we can bring the power back to the people.

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Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!