I believe that real democracy means we govern ourselves: instead of sending a representative to an elected body and crossing our fingers that she will do what we hope, we are actively working with that representative to support and hold each other accountable to creating the world we want. The kind of politics I care about isn't just about winning campaigns. It isn't about having the right background or the right message or the right look. I want to build a world that matches our values - a world where justice and love and dignity and care for one another are the bedrock for how we govern ourselves.

For years, I didn't think politics could be like that. I thought I always had to settle for less than I really believed that I and my communities should have. And I thought that if I ran for office, then I'd always have to be compromising - not just on policy positions, but on the values that make me who I am. So I stayed away from the political sphere for a long time.

But now I see that there are people rising up all over the country - and across all of Montgomery County - to say that we're not going to keep accepting the lesser of two (or three, or four) evils. We deserve better. And we're going to get better: not by putting our hope in one person we think will change it all, but by building our collective power to make change. We aren't simply winning an election; we're creating a movement that will change our county and the nation.

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Who am I?

I'm an activist for social, environmental and economic justice - my focus for the past 8 years has been building a just and sustainable food system. I've been a Wheaton resident since 2015; I'm a native of Massachusetts with strong personal and family roots in the DMV. I'm a Christian; a black Latina woman; and a daughter, sister, niece, auntie and cat mommy. I'm a reader, occasionally a writer and singer, and always a dancer. I'm a proudly independent progressive.

What do I believe?

  • I believe that food and housing are basic human rights that we need to ensure for every member of our society.
  • I believe that a strong, public transportation system is essential for an environmentally sustainable and economically just region.
  • I believe that Black Lives Matter - my life and the lives of my family, friends, and neighbors should be free from violence, poverty, discrimination, and oppression.
  • I believe in a living wage, in workplace democracy, and in cooperative enterprises - because everyone who makes a business successful should share in the financial benefit.
  • I believe that environmental amenities should be equally available to all community residents. I believe that environmental risks - such as incinerators - must be borne equally by all communities, not concentrated in communities of color and communities with low income levels.

I also support the People's Action Rise Up Platform, which outlines progressive policy goals on key issues facing communities across the country, including Montgomery County.

The People's Action Candidate Pledge

I'm a proud member-leader with Progressive Maryland, which is an affiliate of People's Action. Because I believe in Movement Politics that builds power for all of us, this is my pledge as I explore a run for Montgomery County Council.

In this time of crisis, we rise up. We rise up for people and planet. For a government that protects the right of all people to thrive. For a society where every person has a say in our collective future.

We are under attack – as poor and working people, as immigrants and refugees, as women, LGBTQ people, Muslims, as indigenous nations, and as people of color. We are under attack by growing corporate power that takes from our families and communities. 

I know that rising up together means

  • Rejecting corporate donors and funding our campaigns from the 99%
  • Elevating People Power over concentrated wealth
  • Talking to people about their real problems and rejecting what the establishment says is “politically possible”
  • We will run campaigns that lift up community leaders voices, not just own, on campaigns that doesn’t stop after the election.

I know that, rising up together, we will win.

I commit as a candidate & elected official to fight every single day for

  • Racial equity
  • Gender equity
  • Economic Systems Built for People Not Profit
  • A True Democracy
  • Dignity At Work
  • Ending Mass Incarceration & Re-building Our Communities
  • Healthcare as A Human Right
  • Climate Justice
  • And A Just Immigration System

But I know I can't rise up alone! I will run as a candidate for an individual office, but I will not work alone. I commit to work together with People's Action & all movement & justice organizations to build a new Movement Politics that relies on people power to govern together. Together we will rise up and win!


Authorized by the Brandy Brooks Power Posse, Carol McSween-Brooks, Treasurer

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  • endorsed

    “I know Brandy from years back, know her for her commitment to social and economic justice, her ability to navigate her way around the 'business as usual' types and he great joy in life. Also she is really practical and competent.”

  • endorsed

    “I endorse Brandy because she is a visionary with the chops to back her ambition with keen study, observation, and and peerless work ethic. She holds herself and all around her to a standard of integrity that holders and aspirants of higher office would do well to reach for. Brandy is the real deal!”

June 29, 2017

$1500 in 30 hours?

That's what we're aiming for: to raise $1500 more by the end of tomorrow, June 30. Here's what's at stake:

  • We need access to critical voter data so we can be out in the neighborhoods talking with community members this summer.
  • We need to train staff and volunteers in deep relational organizing, so that our whole team develops as movement-building leaders.
  • We need to demonstrate the viability of our campaign to those who question whether movement politics can really win elections.

As donors, you are some of the best ambassadors for our campaign: you clearly understand that this movement is worth the investment. If each of you raises just $20 from a family member, friend or colleague, we'll crush our monthly goal. Will you make a personal call today?

We will win because of your support. Thank you!

Authorized by the Brandy Brooks Power Posse, Carol McSween-Brooks, Treasurer

June 22, 2017

Halfway to $5K!

Thank you, awesome donors! We're halfway to our June fundraising goal of $5,000. With 8 days left, I'm excited to see how much power we'll build by the end of the month.

Here are some ways you can help us get to our goal:

  • Share the campaign with friends! Let your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends and followers know why you support the campaign and why you think they should, too.
  • Endorse the campaign! If you haven't already posted an endorsement, visit the page and share a brief message about why you believe in our people-powered progressive movement.

Please also visit bit.ly/brandy4moco-signup to tell us how you're interested in sharing your skills and talents with the campaign. We'll have updates in the next few weeks about ways you can join me as we hit the streets and talk with voters across the county.

Have a great weekend!

Authorized by the Brandy Brooks Power Posse, Carol McSween-Brooks, Treasurer

June 3, 2017

A good start - let's keep going strong!

In the month since we opened the campaign, we've raised nearly $1500 from 30 people - an average of $50 per person. Thank you to all of our bold and beautiful early donors!

It's a good start ... but we've got to do much, much more. As a campaign using Montgomery County's Public Election Fund, we have to raise all of our money from individuals giving less than $150 each. That means we need hundreds of donors supporting our grassroots campaign to meet our fundraising goals.

We believe that everyday people can organize themselves and their resources to build power for progressive candidates to run and win. Help us demonstrate the power of our movement by taking one of the following actions:

  • If you haven't yet donated to the campaign, please donate today! Our average donation has been $50, but even as little as $10 makes a difference.
  • If you're already one of our amazing donors, please ask 5 other people to donate to the campaign. Social media shares can help, but we find that a direct email or call is the most effective way to connect with someone and share why your support our campaign.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of June, so we can set up essential campaign systems for our voter outreach this summer. With your help, we can connect with thousands of Montgomery County residents between now and September. Let's show what a people-powered democracy looks like!

Authorized by the Brandy Brooks Power Posse, Carol McSween-Brooks, Treasurer

May 18, 2017

Exciting Milestones!

THANK YOU so much!

We reached three exciting milestones this week:

  1. We hit our first $1,000 in campaign pledges thanks to our first 19 amazing donors! I'm so appreciative of each one of you who stepped out early to support the campaign and show that you believe in this vision for a new kind of politics.
  2. We received approval of our campaign committee from the Maryland Board of Elections. The creation of the Brandy Brooks Power Posse (I love this name!) makes me an official candidate in the eyes of the state. I still have to file papers for my specific office, but this is a very cool first step for our campaign organization.
  3. We are now taking not just pledges, but donations! Now that our campaign committee has been created and approved, we can begin taking campaign donations from supporters, which will help us with early campaign expenses around communications, research and training.

If you want to become more involved with the campaign, please use our sign up form to share your contact information, areas of interest, and areas of experience. And please continue spreading the word as we build this movement over the next 18 months - and beyond!


Authorized by the Brandy Brooks Power Posse, Carol McSween-Brooks, Treasurer

Campaign created!

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