In a swing district like Arizona's District 2, we need someone who is willing and eager to engage with the community; someone who is willing to be transparent about their positions and to open a dialogue with the people of their district.

We need someone who is ready to keep their constituents informed about what's happening in Washington, and who is willing, when necessary, to put their own personal politics aside; to place the will of their constituents above their own.

Being a representative means constant back and forth with the people you represent. It means dialogue, conversation, and communication. It means being willing to have a conversation, not just about the easy topics, but also about the difficult, complex topics that our country faces today. It means both taking the lead in the conversation and taking a backseat to the will of the people when it comes time to vote.

Arizona's District 2 does not have that right now. Martha McSally avoids her constituents, hides her positions, and avoids difficult topics. She claims to be moderate, but she always walks the party line. She's lost touch with her district.

I'm ready to have a conversation. I'm ready to have the difficult discussions. I'm ready to be transparent, and to keep you informed about what's going on in Washington. I'm ready to amplify the voice of southern Arizona rather than chase my own personal agenda.

I'm ready to show you what a real Representative can be.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!