Mo Brooks believes that only people who have "done things the right way" deserve affordable healthcare ... he's saying openly what many in congress think. They don't see healthcare as a right, and especially not for people with pre-existing conditions. They think children born with a congenital defect -- or anyone with a chronic disease, cancer or heart disease -- should just suffer and die. Oh, yes, they are free to buy into outrageously expensive high-risk pools while they suffer.

Show the GOP that you care about affordable health insurance by donating today to unseat Mo Brooks!

Brooks is currently the congressman representing Alabama's 5th District. However, he has announced that he may run for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, in a special election in Aug 2017.

If you're a Trump supporter who cares about coverage for pre-existing conditions, donate with a clear conscience. Brooks last year: "If the voters knew Donald Trump's background, what he intends to do as president, I am very confident you would have a mass exodus from Donald Trump's support base. And it might be his gutter-mouth tendencies. I don't want in the White House someone who in front of little children on national television uses the kind of profanity that Donald Trump uses."

Regardless of which race Brooks runs in, the funds we raise will be used to support the most viable candidates opposing him in a special, primary or general election. Unseat PAC's bi-partisan advisory board will endorse one or more candidates running against Mo Brooks, and donate funds directly to their campaigns. Note that your donations may benefit registered Democratic or Republican candidates, as long as they vow to treat healthcare as a right for all vulnerable children and adults.

Let's create a giant nest egg to entice ethical challengers to Mo Brooks.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!