When we founded Generation Atomic (Gen A), a global opinion poll had approval of nuclear as a source of energy at 28% - two percent behind the burning of oil as a way to produce power. Many are working hard to improve the public’s perception of nuclear, and clear up the misconceptions about an issue that appeals to people across the political spectrum.


  • Coal and gas are the only viable alternatives for base load power, and will be indefinitely.
  • Nuclear energy produces 90% of the clean energy in the US.  Even with the highly publicized gains in renewable energy, they still make up roughly 10% of our total energy mix, and are coming up against constraints like environmental impact of construction, cost, storage capacity, and availability rare earth metals needed for batteries.
  • Nuclear energy is our only source of carbon free, base-load power.
  • Pollution from coal causes 10,000 deaths annually.


  • Nuclear plant jobs are the highest paying jobs that can be attained by a non-college graduate in the US.
  • Nuclear power offers a valid competitor to fossil fuels, stabilizing energy prices for consumers.
  • Nuclear power offers a viable route to energy independence, a model that has been succesfully implemented in countries around the world.

Intellectual Property

  • Nuclear Power IP is being developed with or without the US.
  • Modern reactor designs are exponentially safer and more efficient, however the regulatory framework is still decades behind, hindering investment.


  • Fuel for nuclear power is represents the overwhelming majority of disposal of nuclear material in disarmed nuclear weapons.
  • Nuclear power is statistically the safest form of generating power, with the lowest worker casualty rate of any energy sector, including renewables.

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