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My name is Karen Erb and I live in Paul Ryan's congressional district in Wisconsin. I've watched Paul Ryan ignore me and the rest of his constituents for 18 years. He has pursued a legislative agenda that does not benefit my family or the people he represents. Because of my growing anger with Paul Ryan and Congress as a whole, I am determined to create change in my own community. To do that, I am calling on David Yankovich to challenge Paul Ryan in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District.

I'm certain that David will stand up to Paul Ryan and his Republican cronies. I know that they are going to spend limitless amounts of money to protect the Speaker of the House but you know what? I'm not afraid and neither is David.

Ryan's pals look out for Washington and not for people like you and me. David's life looks like so many of ours. His father works in a distribution plant. His mother is battling a very serious illness. Every day he faces the challenges of living in a world that doesn't seem to give working people the smallest break. David knows what it is like to have to choose between paying the electric bill and the gas bill, to not have the money to buy his kids a Slurpee at the gas station.

And David will fight for the rights of others. He believes in promoting the values I taught my children and want to ensure my grandchildren learn as well. Protecting the rights of women, the LGBTQ community, and all minorities. Not every American looks or loves or worships the same, but all Americans deserve the same rights, opportunities, and dignity. David will be a voice for all of us.

Paul Ryan has repeatedly demonstrated that he is out of touch with Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District by ignoring his constituents and refusing to hold a single town hall here. It has been over a year and a half- nearly 600 days- since Ryan has held a public meeting with his constituents.

When Paul Ryan is not out of state fundraising for other Republicans he only shows up at home to accept awards or appear in photo ops. He never stops to hear the concerns of his constituents or answer their questions. I'm fed up and my neighbors are fed up and in 2018 we are going to demand a representative in Congress who will fight for us every single day.

David Yankovich will be that representative.

He will listen to the needs of the constituents and work for us.

With the passing of the disgraceful American Health Care Act in the House we need a strong candidate to run against Paul Ryan more than ever. If this bill passes as it is in the Senate, nearly 50,000 people in Paul Ryan's district alone will lose their coverage. David supports universal health care so that everyone from newborns to the very elderly can have access to quality health care and will be able to live their lives to the fullest.

A father of two, David understands the importance of education and will work to adequately fund our schools, provide our teachers with the supplies and training they need, reduce the outrageous student loan debt, support STEM programs, and bring a renewed commitment to technical and vocational schools.

David Yankovich is a regular guy but he is not an ordinary candidate. He is tough, smart, savvy, and willing to put it all on the line to represent Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District. I believe that not only can he win against Paul Ryan in 2018 but that he will be one of the best representatives that Wisconsin has had. He is a rising star of the Democratic Party.

I believe in David Yankovich but he can't do this alone. Join me in supporting him by donating and endorsing him today.

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  • Honorable Thomas endorsed

    “A person we can all count on to represent the people of our nation with great respect!”

  • Zay Rodriguez endorsed

    “We need to throw out the cowardly repubs!! Impeachment will only happen when Send take control of Congress and Senate”

  • Grace Garcia endorsed

    “He will fight for the rights of all people - not just the wealthy & powerful.”

May 20 2017

David is meeting people in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District

Thanks to all of you who have donated and endorsed David Yankovich while he is exploring a run against Paul Ryan in 2018, David is more motivated than ever. He has been out and about in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District talking with as many people as he can to determine how much support he will have should he decide to run and so far every conversation has been encouraging.

Many of you have asked for more information and I am happy to tell you that he has been preparing a bio and platform so you can learn more about him. I know I am excited about his potential candidacy and so many of you are, too.

Please continue to share this with everyone you know and ask them to donate and endorsee David.  I truly believe he is the only one who can win against  Paul Ryan in a general election and I care too much about my friends and family, my district, my state, and my country, to do anything less than support David Yankovich 100%.

Join me and be part of this effort to take down the Speaker of the House.


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May 6 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

  • Honorable Thomas endorsed

    “A person we can all count on to represent the people of our nation with great respect!”

  • Michael S Koenig endorsed

  • rich maiorano endorsed

  • Zay Rodriguez endorsed

    “We need to throw out the cowardly repubs!! Impeachment will only happen when Send take control of Congress and Senate”

  • Suzanne Paradis endorsed

  • Jeff richter endorsed

  • David Cummins endorsed

  • Michael Kolb endorsed

  • Grace Garcia endorsed

    “He will fight for the rights of all people - not just the wealthy & powerful.”

  • Lee A Leblanc endorsed

    “I support David Yankovich because Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan have no "Love of Country". They want to destroy democracy and make 99% of the country feed the upper 1%.”

  • Lynn Brown endorsed

  • Stephanie S Davenhall endorsed

  • Beverly Hammar endorsed

  • Lizanne Brown-Swaringen endorsed

  • Jim Gray endorsed

    “It would be refreshing to have debate back in The House of Representatives.”

  • Renee Spencer endorsed

  • Ally Maynard endorsed

    “Paul Ryan is a sell-out and traitor to his constituents and the American people.”

  • Lydia Cesmat endorsed

  • Shawn Green endorsed

    “Paul Ryan needs to enter the private workforce to get closer to his Randian roots.”

  • Constance M Warner endorsed

    “I have come to admire & respect David for his ideas and smart thinking. We need him in Congress. Happy to donate & support.”

  • Grace George endorsed

    “1. I trust him. 2. I don't trust Paul Ryan.”

  • Carolyn Moreland endorsed

  • Kim Grant endorsed

  • Chuck and Paula Brown endorsed

    “We endorse David because we feel he is honest and sincere. We have spoken privately, and have learned about him personally. We need fresh blood and trusting individuals, such as David, who does not shy away from challenges. David believes in protecting the rights of women, LGBTQ, minorities, elderly, children, healthcare for all, etc. Ryan is out for Ryan and no one else. David cares about his country and will always put country first. From personal communications on several occasions, David will listen and act on behalf of his constituents. We do not live in Wisconsin, but we know David and we've had enough of Ryan.”

  • Ku #resist endorsed

    “I'm originally from Chicago, but moved to Texas because of the terrible economic mess created by Gov. Rauner. People in Wisconsin are suffering from an equally bad economy created by Ryan's lack of representation and the execrable GOP policy that threatens all but the richest 1%. That's why I'm supporting David Yankovich. Our country was founded, in part, because of taxation without representation. And Wisconsin needs a Representative that will listen to them and represent them as they request.”

  • Milena Castulovich endorsed

    “Who wouldn't support David Yankovich? I believe he will fight hard for all of us.”

  • Mary Schreiber endorsed

  • Patricia endorsed

    “Paul Ryan's big-earred smirk as he stood in the Rose Garden with a president he once deplored, rabaging health care for so many of the neediest proved to me that he (and virtually all of his fellow GOPs in DC) need to be replaced by people who represent the common good.”

  • victor endorsed

    “I hate Paul Ryan's guts and anyone that opposes him im with.”

  • Jenn endorsed

    “paul ryan is a self-serving, lying, piece of crap who has shown he hates everyone that is not white, male and rich. His lack of empathy proves that he is UNFIT to serve the majority of people in the country. He must go!”