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About Me

I grew up in Clark and Floyd Counties, the son of a working-class single mother, and have lived here almost all of my life. At age 17, I dropped out of high school. I got my GED and worked as a music teacher for about a decade while I put myself through college. I was the first in my family to graduate from a university. I had never even met a lawyer before I started law school, but I finally beat the odds and graduated with honors in 2007. I’ve maintained a civil rights practice with a small firm since then.

As a civil rights lawyer, I have been fortunate enough to represent people from all walks of life. I have gotten to hear a lot of stories. And I’ve seen ordinary, hardworking people get taken advantage of over and over again by the wealthy and the powerful. In Indiana and Kentucky, I’ve represented teachers against school systems, union laborers against big corporate employers, veterans against the federal government, police officers against corrupt departments, and inmates against unimaginably violent prison systems. I’ve taken on several governors, and I’ve taken on the President. I was honored to help committed couples achieve the equal dignity of marriage before the United States Supreme Court in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. And I am proud to represent immigrants and refugees seeking a better life through America’s promise of liberty and justice for all.

Indiana’s 9th District needs someone who isn’t afraid to speak out against Washington and big business. And Indiana needs someone who will be a voice in Congress for everyone - not just a select few. I have spent my life providing a voice to the voiceless. Now I’m running to be your representative. I think I’m the right person, and I hope to have your support.

What I Stand For

A Right to Health Care

I believe that health care is a fundamental human right, not a luxury good for a privileged few. Our for-profit health care system is broken. And while the Affordable Care Act was an improvement for many people, it still places too heavy a burden on the middle class while protecting the wealthy. The GOP proposal to “repeal and replace” the ACA is just another tax break for the wealthy, and would make things even worse. The simple fact of the matter is: Americans cannot truly be free when their healthcare is tied to an employer, or when their lives depend on the profit margins of giant corporations.

Every other advanced nation in the world - including nations which Americans have supported with our tax dollars - guarantees health care for all of its citizens. And every one of those nations have better health outcomes, including infant mortality, maternal mortality, and overall life expectancy. Not one of these countries would require its citizens to ruin their financial futures just for the privilege of staying alive. But here in the United States, we still can’t even find out what we will pay for a service before we receive it, and middle-class families go bankrupt from medical debt every day. That’s unacceptable, and we cannot tolerate it any longer.

Bringing Back the Middle Class

Career politicians of both parties have been trying for 40 years to sell the idea that if we just help the rich get even richer, we’ll all get better. That’s a lie. And this 40-year lie is killing the middle class, pushing more and more people into what we call the “working poor.” There should be no such thing as the “working poor.” No working person should be poor - period. And in the wealthiest country in the world, there is no reason that any person should live in poverty.

The backbone of a vibrant economy has always been the middle class. And our middle class here in Indiana must be permitted to organize, paid a fair wage, given the opportunity to invest, and empowered to support their families with more than just a paycheck. We have to make some drastic changes if this is going to happen.

Truth Matters

In this age of “alternative facts,” our elected leaders routinely deny the truth in order to forward their own agendas, rather than the best interests of voters. For decades, career politicians have scared workers with lies about social issues, all while stealing their job options, their wages, their pensions, and their futures. Americans have been taught that they should focus on the welfare recipient, the single mother, the immigrant, or the drug addict who takes their dime, while ignoring billionaires who take their whole wallet.

I believe that Indiana’s 9th District needs elected officials who value data, analysis, real science, and real facts. Hoosiers need a representative who knows that climate change isn’t a myth, and that we can take steps to improve our quality of life as a result. We need someone who isn’t afraid of technological innovation, but who embraces it as the way of the future, using it to create new industries, jobs, and improved standards of living. We need a representative who respects the right of all people to make their own medical decisions, and who wants people to have the best education possible so they can make those decisions in an informed way. We need a representative who, instead of antagonizing news outlets or favoring biased sources, works with the media in an effort to be transparent. And we need a representative with integrity; someone who can’t be sold to the highest bidder, and someone who will look at the relevant facts, data, and expert opinions before making a decision based on political gain.

Justice For All

I believe that America’s promise of “justice for all” should mean that no matter who you are, you should be treated with dignity and given equal access to the abundant opportunities available to Americans. No one should suffer discrimination based upon their race, gender, religion, sexuality, disability, or nationality. There should not be separate justice systems for people of different races. There should not be separate rules for the wealthy and the poor. Our children, siblings, and parents with drug addiction issues should not be treated like common criminals and left to die in horrific, unnecessarily violent prison systems. People who are patients in one state should not be criminals in another, just because of their choice of medication. Those who have broken the law and served their time should be given a path back to equal citizenship and equal dignity. And those who have escaped war, extreme poverty, and corruption in their homelands should be given a chance to provide for their families and make a better life here.

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    “I support Dan Canon because he understands how our rights as US Citizens are at risk and I believe he will stand up to preserve our democracy.”

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    “I endorse Dan Canon because we desperately need someone from Indiana in Congress who upholds the values of equality, compassion and will fight for health care as a human right. We need to defeat Trey Hollingsworth in 2018!”

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    “He cares about people and stands up for people who otherwise might be dismissed by those with power and money!”

May 12, 2017

Where It All Goes

As someone who is passionate about the negative effects that the influence of money has had in politics, the idea of raising money is my least favorite part as I consider whether to launch this campaign. Still, the framework we have to work within (for now) demands we raise enough money to be competitive with the incumbent. If we know anything about Mr. Hollingsworth, we know he has a family fortune and isn’t ashamed to spend it on a seat in Congress.

If you are generous enough to donate to this cause, you deserve to know where your money will go. My pledge to you is that not a single cent would be wasted.

1. Data. Grassroots campaigns run on data. We need a software tool to manage our donors and volunteer contacts, compile and report data in compliance with federal campaign finance laws, and plan what phone calls to make and what pavement to pound. This costs several hundred dollars a month and the initial voter data to populate it costs a couple thousand. These tools will help us run an efficient campaign and make the most of your contributions.

2. Media. We may not have the money to blanket the airwaves, but the ninth district encompasses multiple media markets and we will need a presence in all of them. Besides, the cost of stickers, tshirts, magnets, and flyers (made with union-print-shop quality) will add up.

3. Travel. The 9th District is big - about 4,500 square miles. And it’s diverse. The people in this District come from a wide variety of backgrounds and they have a wide variety of needs. If I run, I want to spend as much time as I can in as many places as I can engaging with as many people as I can. I want to meet face to face with people, so I can hear what they want and need from a representative. That’s a lot of gas (and oil changes and tires, etc.) and a lot of bag or drive-thru lunches for me and my team. Again, this is to maximize the effect of your generous donations. We won’t be extravagant with your money - ever.

4. Staff. Speaking of my team, this is all before I’ve paid anyone a cent. While I’m in the exploratory phase, this is all being done by volunteers. I’m extremely grateful for that, and I plan to rely on a huge group of them should I run. But even grassroots campaigns need a handful of people who will dedicate themselves to the cause, and they have to be paid a fair wage. My promise to you is that I’ll use the best and the brightest people we can find, both paid staff and volunteers, to give you the most return on your donation.

This Crowdpac will unfortunately be the first of many times that I will ask for money. But what makes me feel better about it - and what I hope makes you feel better about it - is that this money would not be wasted. Every dollar you spend would go to flipping the house in 2018, and planting the seeds of even more positive change for Indiana in the future. Your financial support is an incredible honor, and my pledge to you is that every dime we spend - both exploratory funds now and contributions in the event that I decide run - is for our shared goal of bringing the people’s voice to Washington.

As of this writing, we have raised over $17,000 in less than a week. These contributions have come from concerned citizens all over the country, but most of them originate from right here in the 9th. And the contributions are coming from all kinds of people: progressives, blue-dog Democrats, Berniecrats, lifelong Republicans, Trump voters, professionals, blue-collar workers, students, veterans - everyone. I’d love to be able to say that our vastly inclusive movement raised (at least) $20,000 in our first week, so please share this page far and wide!

Let’s keep this going,


May 9, 2017

WOW. You guys are on FIRE.

I am so grateful to each and every one of you.  

I want you to know how humbled I am, and how much what you’re doing means to me as I consider this campaign. At time of writing, you’ve pledged $15,332 - 286 of you to be exact, in 23 states from Florida to Washington State. You’ve given 140 endorsements and shared thousands of messages of support with me and with your own networks. You have done all this in less than two days, completely from the ground up. It’s incredible, and I thank you.

Some notes to go along with this amazing news:  

· Folks who are interested in donating your time, click here to sign up.

· Folks who are active on social media, you can find me on Twitter (@dancanon) or on Facebook. This Facebook account is my personal one; you can click on “Follow” button to see my public updates. Should I decide to run, other social media accounts will be launched at that time.

Please keep up the great work. Hearing from people across the ninth district is invaluable to me in exploring the possibility of running for office. And please consider sharing this campaign if you haven’t already.  

You are ready to move forward, to make progress, and to make the world a better place. It gives me hope. Let it give you hope, too.  

Love to you all,



Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!