Dublin is a great city, with many great opportunities, but in its growth big things are being missed. Our schools are over-crowded, our streets are only getting busier, and the divide between the have's and the have-not's is growing. We as a community need to take a step back, look at how we are providing for the whole of our city, the citizen and visitor, the home owner and the renter, the students and the retired, and everyone in between. 

As mayor, I will work to review how our growth has impacted, both for good and ill, the whole community. How many people have been priced out of swimming in the new pool, and how many people now enjoy it more. How our growth has helped, and hurt, our students and the quality of the education they receive. I will work to evaluate our current and future plans for growth against the quality of life we have come to expect in Dublin.  

In short, I will work to ensure that every person living in Dublin has the same access to the opportunities living in this great city provides.

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    “He recognizes that our schools are overcrowded, student to teacher ratios are to high, many are being priced out and can't afford to live here, and our city is overcrowded. We need someone who cares about this city, and will make decisions that benefit everyone, not just a few.”

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