I'm Amanda Howland and I’m running for Congress because the 6th District deserves a representative in Washington that listens and responds to us. Peter Roskam has been in office too long. He refuses to listen, won’t hold town-hall meetings, and has become a puppet of Donald Trump and wealthy special interests. 

The 6th District has been identified by Emily's List and The Cook Political report as the #1 CD district to flip red to blue in Illinois.

In Washington, I will fight for our values -- quality education, healthcare for all, and a clean environment. Let's plant the seeds of change so that together we can take back the 6th District. 

In 2016, together, we made a great start to ending Peter’s lackluster career in Congress and together in 2018 we will be victorious.  

I’ve been a teacher and an advocate for people my whole life. As a cancer survivor, health insurance and access to health care is personal to me. I understand the need to provide affordable health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions.  

I can beat Peter Roskam and stop the Trump agenda with the help of the people of the 6th.

We are growing this campaign using the solid foundation we established over the past two years. Every day we are adding more volunteers and supporters. With a strong base, starting early, and working with all of the diverse grassroots groups that have sprouted up in the district, we can win.

I know the people in the 6th District want a representative who will listen and fight for us. Unfortunately, Peter Roskam won’t listen. I will and I am starting right now.

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What Amanda is fighting for:

Amanda believes health care is a right, and she will fight to expand health insurance coverage to all residents of the 6th District.

As a cancer survivor, health insurance and access to health care is personal to Amanda. She understands the need to provide affordable health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions. Amanda strongly opposes the American Health Care Act, recently passed by the House of Representatives with the support of Peter Roskam, who voted to put partisan politics over the people of the 6th District. Amanda believes ACHA is harmful because it will result in millions of people with pre-existing conditions losing their health insurance. ACHA is nothing more than a tax cut for the wealthy on the backs of low-income and older citizens who will lose their health insurance.

Amanda is disturbed by the fact that the U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world that does not provide basic health care for all, and she believes the U.S. needs to move toward a single payer option. As we move toward a single payer system, Amanda supports improving the Affordable Care Act to respond to rising healthcare costs, rising insurance premiums, and high deductibles, taking lessons from states that have managed these issues. She will also work to get unrestrained prescription drug costs under control. Amanda believes that no family should go bankrupt when a family member gets sick, no person should be shackled to a job just to keep their health insurance, and the emergency room should not be anyone's primary medical provider.

Amanda believes that education is the cornerstone of our democracy and our economy, and she will fight to make educational opportunity available to all.

Amanda is a two-term elected Trustee of the College of Lake County, and she has been a special education teacher and school administrator. She has the experience and insight to improve our educational system. Amanda understands that too many young people are graduating from college with crippling debt and many other young people are not able to go to college because of rising tuition costs. This has a draining effect on our economy that is critical to address. Amanda will advocate for solutions that provide free or more affordable higher education, such as the community college initiative implemented during President Obama’s administration.

Amanda will also have a positive impact on elementary and secondary education as your Representative in Congress. She believes that standardized testing has become too pervasive, and teachers are now “teaching to the test” instead of truly educating students. Amanda will work to address this imbalance. Amanda will also work to ensure that public funding is directed to public neighborhood schools so that all residents of the 6th District have the option to send their children to high-quality public schools.

Amanda understands that climate change is a real threat, but that it also provides an opportunity for us to transform our economy.

Amanda has taken an active part in supporting sustainable energy for the College of Lake County in her role as a Trustee, including a goal to have all college buildings LEED certified platinum. From this experience, she recognizes the great opportunity to invest in the growing green economy, including the wind and solar energy industries, which would create thousands of good paying jobs here in Illinois and the 6th District.

Amanda's opponent, Peter Roskam, is a Climate Change denier, and he has even voted for a law designed to restrict the number of scientists on the EPA's Scientific Advisory Board. In contrast, Amanda will fight for science and clean air, clean water, and clean energy. Amanda will also advocate for green infrastructure improvements, such as promoting permeable pavement through federal incentives, which will not only be good for the environment but also jumpstart our economy and create good jobs.

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    “I endorse Amanda because she held a town halls, answered questions in a way that I liked, and I believe her views to be the right views for the times that we are in. She's very direct, honest, and has the facts to sand toe-to-toe against Peter Roskam. I stand with Amanda.”

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    “Peter Roskum must go! I WAS a registered Republican.”

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    “Roskam is going to be tough to unseat, but Amanda has proven that she has the platform that can win in this district.”

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    “She is THE Democrat that can defeat Peter Roskam.”

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    “Amanda will stand up to the Trump agenda instead of enable such as what Peter Roskam does. Amanda will make a real difference in congress.”

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    “Amanda is the only one who can win in November.”

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    “Amanda is the only Democrat with a chance to take the 6th and she is a true progressive who will fight for the values we care about -- quality education, healthcare for all, and a clean environment”

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    “She's the future we need”

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    “She is a warrior! Go Amanda, get Roskam. Take back the 6th.”

May 22, 2017

Howland "Seeds of Change" Video - Over 55K views in one week

Amanda Howland launched her campaign for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 6th District of Illinois with a video announcement. She expressed the values she will fight for in Congress. More than 55K people have already viewed the spot on Facebook in less than one week. 


May 13, 2017

Howland Denounces Trumpcare Legislation

Amanda Howland rejects the passage of Republicans’ “not” health care bill that hurts millions of Americans

Amanda Howland released the following statement in response to today's historic vote to dismantle the Affordable Care Act:

“Peter Roskam chose to be Donald Trump’s puppet rather than represent the people of the 6th District. Once again, he chose politics over people. Roskam and the pro-Trump obstructionist agenda must be stopped. This action shows that the 6th District needs new leadership.  I will fight for access for the right to affordable health care for all.

Trumpcare is so disastrous for families that Republicans are ramming through a vote before the bill can be analyzed and citizens can read the text of the bill. Roskam and Trump will allow states to opt out of essential benefits coverage, including mental health, women’s health, and drug treatments.

As a cancer survivor and special education teacher, I am appalled by this callous vote, which not only takes away vital protections for those with pre-existing conditions, but also eliminates crucial funding for children with special needs.

Once again, Peter Roskam ignored the views, needs, and values of his constituents in voting to strip millions of people of their health care. “I stand with the residents of Illinois’ 6th District in rejecting this Trump-Roskam-Ryan ‘not’ health care legislation and fighting back against Peter Roskam and his continuous assault on working families in our community ”

Campaign created!

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