Having my communities back is what my campaign is about. I want the people, not the  corporate interest, to have their voice represented when their congressperson votes. I plan to engage the community directly. I want to be known for being the congressman with the most town halls, the most phone calls and the most face-time with his constituents. 

My experience serving in the US Army as a Tactical Data System Specialist and US Air Force experience serving as Security Forces helped me gain a unique perspective. I have first hand experience in knowing what price is paid by many brave men and women that serve our country. That's why, as your representative, I want to support legislative efforts that protect our heroes: past, present and future. Too often, our leaders turn their back on these brave men and women. I will give requests by service members top priority. 

I am a Business Systems Analyst that has worked on several IT healthcare related projects, most notably the Obamacare State-Exchange website. Having personally worked on the implementation of  the Obamacare Exchange, I have a special respect for the project but I understand the frustration of some of its members. I look forward to working with community members to come up with innovative legislative solutions. 

I'm running for US congress in congressional district 39 because I know that I bring the courage that CD-39 has been lacking from a true people's leader. Please support my campaign, Courage for Congress, and let me earn your support! 


Julio Castaneda

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!