South Carolina's 3rd District deserves a real alternative to the far right and far left candidates for once. I am hoping to run for Congress as the American Party SC candidate, the only party that strives for the majority of voters who occupy the middle. I served in the US Army as a volunteer, in Vietnam as a radio operator and later as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne. I have a number of degrees in German Literature (three years at Heidelberg and West Berlin), US History and Anthropology. I speak four languages, including Arabic, and am the only candidate who understands the Middle East. While employed at the Library of Congress as a German Specialist, I  provided translations for the Pentagon. Most importantly, concerning the arming of militias in Syria and Iraq, I wrote a thesis on counterinsurgency in 1984, "The Effects of Insurgency and Counter-insugency Warfare on Tribal Populations."

Although I should be enjoying retirement, I can't stand our do-nothing, life-time politician Jeff Duncan, the Tea Party incumbent; forget the Democratic Party, which consistently fields candidates losing 80-20 percent. The vast majority of my neighbors are of the center and not afraid of hard work. I am positive moderates--the majority in any state--whether Republicans, Democrats, Independents, etc., are ready for a moderate Third Party candidate. In reality, we have seen that both candidates of the Republican and Democratic parties are pro-corporate, pro-offshoring jobs and pro-war.

I feel the American Party of SC is the only viable alternative, as it
stands for getting back to the middle and basics in the political sphere
that the Founding Fathers intended: no career politicians, citizens
serving short terms in political office, transparency and openness, the
economy first, not "going abroad in search of monsters to destroy,
and...the emphasis of ALL working toward the "common good." This last aspect, stated in our Constitution, is missing in current politics. Both parties are deaf to our needs and wishes, as town hall meetings prove every day.

How to pay for infrastructure and good jobs.
Alexander Hamilton established import tariffs as a means to protect
newly established manufacturing jobs. This worked well for over two
hundred years until Reagan rescinded them, the beginning of the rush to offshore middle-class manufacturing jobs. Obviously, bring the tariffs back. All candidates also like to talk about how they will fix the
failing infrastructure but yet offer no solutions on how to pay for it. This makes many voters suspicious, thinking, rightly, taxes will be raised on them. My solution is to bring back the Marginal Tax Rate, which was 90% under President Eisenhower. Adjusted for inflation, the first ten million you make is taxed at the regular rate. It is all the money over that amount that is taxed at 90%.  The secondary benefit of the Marginal Tax Rate is it actually forces business execs to put that money back into their factories and businesses.  The third fact  is it would end any benefit of offshoring. To make this more palatable, put in a "sundown clause" to limit this to three years.

How to bring drug prices down.
There is no point in talking about fixing health care, whether
single-payer, Medicare for all, etc., without bringing down pharmacy
costs. The two easiest ways to lower costs are never mentioned by either party--due to both taking corporate campaign contributions. Congress awards patents on drugs developed by tax-payers. Just to state one example: the EpiPen is a taxpayer invention. Epinephrine was developed (with government tax dollars) and patented in 1903, with the delivery device invented for the military to deliver anti-nerve gas agents. Although the EpiPen costs only FIVE DOLLARS to produce--remember this is a life-saving drug--the company given the patents decided to charge SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS. Mr. Duncan could have called for rescinding the patent as well as insisting the government exercise what is called "march in rights" by taking over the pricing. As long as incumbents as Mr. Duncan take money
from Big Pharma, we can expect no relief.  He is not alone, as many
Democrats defeated a Bernie Sanders bill regarding importation of
cheaper drugs.

Protect Social Security
I am not the only person tired of some members of both parties falsely claiming Social Security is an entitlement.  For the millionth time, this is not welfare. We have all paid for Social Security as any other insurance, not to mention the Fund is fully funded for at least twenty years. I hear no talk, however, of ending "corporate welfare." Jeff Duncan has done well for himself as "our" Congressman. Since taking office and the 2008 Great Recession, his net worth has increased from 1.1 million dollars to 1.6. I don't know about you, but my wife and I lost quite a bit in home value and retirement accounts. The majority of Americans are highly dependent on our Social Security checks to keep us out of poverty. Let's not forget it was REAGAN who started taxing Social Security as well as raided the Trust Fund to pay for the deficits created by his "trickle-down Reaganomics" tax cuts for the wealthy.

How to fix the VA backlog. Lastly, from my own experience, Mr. Duncan could care less to help his constituents, having an especially bad reputation among our area veterans I meet. How do I know this one fact? I am a slightly disabled Vietnam Veteran. I too was screwed over by the VA's favorite contract doctors from QTC Medical, in 2003. My appeal reversed the obvious "misdiagnosis" by the QTC quack. They are again being investigated for fraudulently denying claims of over 80,000 combat veterans. Duncan's office never answered my emails regarding this and, when I called his office, a snotty aide told me, "Either he will answer you or he will not." With an attitude like that, we could wind up like 1918, when my grandfather was
wounded as a Marine in the Meuse Argonne Offensive and charged for his own bandages!

Let me emphasize how to fix QTC's, or any other company's. fraud against veterans: When they deny a claim with a "misdiagnosis," the DOJ needs to prosecute the doctor for filing a fraudulent claim by falsifying a government document--a felony.

I am not deterred by Mr. Duncan's massive corporate-funded re-election campaign.  If I can receive at least $30,000 in pledges, that would be enough to pay for flyers, etc., and get out the word there is an alternative.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!