Michigan is a "Blue State" or so it used to be. We were part of the "Blue Wall" supporting Democratic Presidential candidates every election since Bill Clinton to Barack Obama. However, even though we have two great Democratic senators in congress, Michigan has gone "Red". The Governor, the State Senate and the House of Representatives are all controlled by the Republicans. And finally,in 2016, Donald Trump won Michigan and broke down the last remnants of the "Blue Wall". 

The Republicans knew the key to controlling Washington was to first control state legislatures and,therefore, redistricting to create Republican seats. Their plan was successful and devastating. Over 1,100 Democratic state seats flipped to Republican and ultimately Washington came under the control of Ryan, McConnell and....Trump. 

I'm up for the fight to rebuild our state's. To rebuild our country. Will you help me?

As a retired  firefighter/Paramedic I know the importance of local government and having safe communities. As a parent I know the importance of great public schools. And as the son of an autoworker I know the value of a pension and retiree benefits for the working class. 

In 2012 I stopped talking about our problems and decided to do something about them so I ran for State Representative. I was told it was a Republican seat and I wasn't going to win...but I did. And then again in 2014 and 2016. Three hard fought races running and winning on working class values.

Now it's time to take on the next challenge. I'm considering a run for the Michigan State Senate. A seat that is currently held by the Republicans. It's going to be a tough, grueling race but I can win and flip this seat from Red to Blue with your help. 

I respectfully ask for your support.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!