Broomfield citizens are highly concerned about the proposed 139 horizontal fracking wells in close proximity to homes, parks and schools. We, and Broomfield's City Council, must do everything possible to ensure that our citizens' health and safety come before special interests.

Based on Council Member Greg Stokes repeated decisions going back to 2013, we believe that he is NOT acting in the best interest of the citizens.  For example, Greg's vote to approve the 2013 contract, and MOU, with the then oil and gas company, Sovereign, in August 2013, only 9 weeks prior to the citizens enacting a 5-year moratorium, helped pave the way for the issues that are playing out today with Extraction.  In 2014, the MOU was ruled grandfathered in to the moratorium because it was approved prior to the moratorium being enacted.  We do not want another erroneous decision to occur in August 2017.  

Broomfield residents spent 100's of hours collecting signatures within only 28 days to obtain the requisite number of signatures required for a recall election.   The Recall Petition is now set for July 18, 2017 and the fact that a recall in Broomfield has never happened demonstrates the difficulty of getting to this point.   Your donation will help raise awareness and ensure that the Recall election removes Greg from office on July 18th.  The money raised will be used solely for marketing and advertising for the Recall campaign.

Oil and gas special interest groups, such as Vital for Colorado, have poured a significant amount of money into canvassing on Greg's behalf against the Recall.  It is clear that these groups have an interest in keeping Greg in office trough November to ensure that Extraction's plan moves forward unabated. The citizens MUST take back their City Council and not let oil and gas special interest groups control the future of Broomfield!

We sincerely appreciate your help in raising the necessary funds!  For more information on the grounds for recall, go to

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