We are at a critical juncture in the history of our Republic. I am a net beneficiary of a good education, a good upbringing and a secure Midwestern origin. Not only is it now time for me to pay that back, it is also time to make sure these same things are available for my two college-age children and hopefully their children also (and your children as well).

This will be very difficult to do if there are not sufficient, well-paying jobs with sufficiently guaranteed healthcare.

What will also make it difficult is if we turn our incredibly beautiful planet into a brown cinder.

We must turn our young bright minds loose to solve these problems in a myriad of novel ways. In order for our young to do this, we must also EDUCATE them. I am the Education candidate. If we educate them, all else follows. If they are properly educated, they will be thoughtful and tolerant of their fellow citizens of all genders, races, orientations, and religions. If we educate them, they will take care of the planet. And it goes without saying that with good education will come good jobs.

In America, our diversity is our strength! We all spring from ancestors in their huddled masses who thronged to our shores, longing to be free. With incredibly hard work, they have delivered us to the pinnacle of science, knowledge, and industriousness.

But something is missing. For the first time in our history, it is not a given that our children will do better than we have done. For the first time in our history, it is not a given our children will live longer, better lives than we are living. For these reasons, it is critical that we put in place the education for skills for good, sound, well-paying jobs, coupled with exceptional healthcare for all and do it in a manner that leaves this planet with its wealth of natural wonders intact.

I am a senior citizen kind of guy. I have seen lots of things. I am a co-founder and builder of City Museum. Prior to that, I was Commercial Liaison to the Russian Academy of Sciences. I was in Moscow for a number of years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I am a manufacturer of torque multipliers. I know the angst of small business. I am trained as a mathematician and environmental scientist. I turned a blind-eye to a fine education and picked up a sledge hammer and shovel and wrecked buildings- hence some of the fine architectural stuff in City Museum :-). Later I would apprentice as a machinist. I will be able to wear many hats in Congress, and my hands are calloused.

Apart from a little dab of church each week, I work fourteen-hour days. I am tenacious, and when it comes to representing the interests of Southern Illinois, I will be there.

I was born in Illinois, raised in Belleville, went to school at BAC (SWIC), University of Illinois at Springfield, and finally Graduate studies at Washington University where I was an Engineering Fellow. Didn't do me a bit of good. I am still an ordinary working stiff. I drive a twenty-year-old car and change my own oil and brakes. I have a tree farm near Millstadt. My mother and father were union organizers and taught at SWIC (back when it was Belleville Junior College) for over forty years. My wife is a professor of languages at the college level also. I have been known to use multiple-syllable words, and I will employ very forceful language to advance your interests should you choose me to represent you. My interests will be education, healthcare, jobs, environment, tolerance, still more jobs and the host of progressive issues that make us a wonderful, diverse country.

I am not a conventional candidate. I am a private person and will begin one-on-one and face-to-face. I will begin at the very grass roots of our communities. When I am comfortable that you are comfortable with my message, you will begin to wonder when I'll ever stop to breathe (much less ever stop typing). There, I said it. Let's do this. It will be rewarding and good is on our side. Thank you.

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