Dear Americans and Non-Americans:

It is my sincere honor to inform you I will run as United States of America's President for 2020.   Let me start by telling you my story and I am certain by the time this campaign is over, you will come to know more about me. I am single, yes free.  We can work on a potential first man.  I've pledged to commit to the American people.  I am in love with One America and All America’s citizens and non-citizens of America that are here to embrace America as their America. I apply the expression “One America” because I only see “One America” for All Americans.

Okay, I got off track, now, let's finish telling my story. I gave birth to two terrific children a son and daughter. My son, Cortez and his wife Kim have three daughters and Shenatta, my daughter has two sons. My children are my world. And my grandchildren are the heartbeat of my life. I love them more than life. So, I am going into the 2020 Presidential race giving this race my all for my children, grandchildren and the American people. You will get to know the grandchildren. They were born into campaigning. I started my grandchildren into campaigning at a young age.  They are ready to help “Nana” out in any way they can.  They said, “Nana for President 2020”.  We are ready for this long wonderful journey and is ready to meet One America for All Americans.

I am a veteran of the United States military. It has been the greatesthonor to have served in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force as a RegisteredNurse, Captain. Having the privilege to serve this Country has beethe greatest and most rewarding experience of my life. I am from Hopkinsville, Kentucky and relocated my family to Virginia to start my military duty as a commission officer into the United States Army. I attended Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee and obtained my undergraduate degree in nursing.

     I had the opportunity to attend George Mason University, while on active duty, and completed my Master degree in Nursing Management and Health Care Administration. I also had the opportunity to attend George Mason University’s Public Policy and Public Administration with a concentration in Social Policy and Social Theory Doctoral program. I received my first nursing degree when I was about twenty one years old. So, I have been into the healthcare field over twenty five years. We will have plenty time to talk about healthcare and many more issues that are dear to your heart. I am confident and understand what you and many families and communities need regarding healthcare and the right to quality healthcare for all Americans.

Taking care of people is my life’s calling and enjoying the privilege to serve the people, I can honest say has been the greatest job in my life. And my deepest and heartfelt hope is to be chosen by the American people into the highest job in America.  If, I'm so honored, I will serve as One America for All Americans and  ALL non-Americans citizens that have embraced America as their America. I am asking for the American people to trust and support me into this magnificent journey so we can do great things together for the common good.

I am not perfect and will not pretend to be perfect, but I'm hungry and demand perfection as one of my ambitions for this great Country.  Breaking news! I am not a millionaire nor a billionaire. What I can give you are these excellent qualities that are priceless: God, faith, confidence, intelligence, unconditional love, big heart, caring, trust, sympathy, accepting, comprehensive listening skills, the greatest genuine unity and moral strength, with a total mind, body, soul and spiritual being.  

I will fight hard for you and on many of your issues you hold dear to your heart. We will work hard together for the collective good, the American people    I will work for One America for All Americans and non-Americans. And I accept nothing but the BEST for our glorious Country.  My DNA comprises extraordinary problem solving skills that will yield real idealist and realistic based solutions to problems and issues that are so dear to your heart.

I greatly respect and honor America’s past, but is a forward thinker and in harmony with the true reality we are living in today. I am a forward thinker and this what America demands, not a backward thinker leader. I will be your leader of the democratic world that will work extremely hard for you and your household. And I will be an idiot to say holding the highest office is not a complicated and a hard job. Let me say, I was born to work hard and I love to work hard.  I promise to work one hundred times harder for YOU!

If you pledge and promise to go on this campaign with me, I guarantee to never tell you anything I perceive will be impossible and out of touch with mainstream and realism.  I will never deceive and or mislead you. I will not feed you with an abundance of falsehoods and unrealistic jobs, visions and dreams.  And I will never sell you out because you and America of are priceless. And I am not for exchange...

If you pledge and promise to go on this campaign with me, I will not put up with the old ways of working to get jobs produced that pay low wages that will merely keep Americans in poverty.  I can clearly see the commitment the American people have made for a better life.  American people are forward thinkers not backward thinkers for their children, families and communities.  

Therefore, I will treat you in this manner and will respect all American people regardless of their nationality, religion, class, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds. And I pledge and promise you that there will be no accommodation for lifeless, deadened problem solving strategies suitable to problem solving America’s future forward.

If you pledge and promise to go on this campaign journey with me, I will be the leader that will lead only One America-for All Americans, regardless of one's  party affiliation, because we are One America.  I ask you to please understand that I will embrace One America for All Americans and non-American’s dreams, hopes, faith, goals, and ambitions toward a greater One America's dream, the America's dream.

If you pledge and promise to go on this campaign with me, I will examine at the whole picture, not divisions of the picture and support the Status quo upon the picture in hope to solve the problem and or issue. This is because, I know America as a full picture and can’t look at America as a half picture with divisions and expect to solve its problems and issues in a half manner.

I will pledge and promise you I will demand and fight for the highest standards of behavior for myself and as your leader worldwide. This will set the highest standards for One America for All Americans, meaning YOU! And we will help unite our Country into One America for All Americans for you and many generations to come. I know in my heart that we will see our Country put aside our party affiliations and so many diverse problems that have led to such bitter divisions between our communities, families, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, uncles, nieces, nephews, and American people. We can get along and we can do better, we are Americans.

I pledge and promise to keep All Americans and non Americans that have adopted America as their America a safe place.  And I promise you I am not for economic gains and for exchange for money and or special favors.  Remember, I and to work for you. You are priceless and absolutely not for sale to another Country. It is clear I have discussed little on policy issues because I refuse to introduce my family and I to the American people on what most politicians tell you false hopes and out of touch with reality and mainstream laws and policies. They are convinced it is the only alternative way to engage with the American people.

Sadly, most politicians are convinced you prefer to hear trash, lies, rush jobs policies, heartless and empty laws, alternative healthcare reform, and trucks load of alternative facts. I promise to feel your pain and will put it first. I promise that you will not live day to day not knowing if you will make it and see your dream fade out until it is no hope forward. I promise you and America that your pain, stress, empathy, happiness, sadness, joy, and laughs we will share them together. Most of all, I promise you that I will know when America and you are experiencing any of the emotions listed above. I want to work to gain real access to you heart because I already gave you my heart. I ask you to trust me and fight this campaign journey with me...

        Please understand it is my honest intention to express my heart to you and the American people. This is me expressing my conscience and the admiration I have for our glorious Country and YOU! There will not be a time I will ever feel a desire to fill you with delusive hopes and dreams to get your votes. You have heard a lot of false hopes and I wish to introduce my heart to you and America.

The issues page on this website will soon address my issues and policies. I pledge and promise you I will work hard to get to know your dreams and goals for your communities and families. I had pledged and promised myself to go on our #ONE AMERICA-FOR ALL AMERICANS TOUR, we can visit United States of America (all 50 States and Washington, D.C.) to meet you all face to face and up close and personal to get to know you and America’s families and communities so we can work together and talk on the issues that are so dear to your hearts. And we can hire/vote for elected officials that will get the job done together. Please sign up and join us for the #ONE AMERICA-FOR ALL AMERICANS TOUR.  We need you to help make it a successful 50 states journey. Now come on, join us, it will be one of your MOST EXHILARATING and REWARDING experience of a lifetime.

So, let’s spend the next few years working on digging deep into the real issues and problems that are keeping the communities and families from moving forward and come up with real true reality based problem solving solutions and carry out policies and laws that will make families and communities what they want to be.

       Thank you for taking the time out to read this introduction and I want to apologize in advance for not listing so many blown up unrealistic promises, but I promise that. I will be honest with you and love One America for All Americans and non-Americans, meaning YOU!

Love you and see you soon,

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January 7, 2019

One America for All American Tour

Happy New Years to All,

 I 'm excited to start my One America Your, but I need your help. Please make any amount of donation that you can. My goal is to raise 5k in 30 days or less. 

Let get to work. We have a lot to do!

Also, check out my 

New  Revolution for the 21 at century for One America for All Americans and Non-Americans Plan on my campaign website

Thank you,

Rosalind Greene

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

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