Trump operative Carl DeMaio and right-wing radio shock jocks John and Ken have targeted newly-elected State Senator Josh Newman with a recall petition.   From the raft of past sexual misconduct allegations against DeMaio, to the Trump-sized lie that their campaign is all about “protecting taxpayers,” this is a craven attempt to halt California’s progress and weaken our resistance against the Trump-agenda. 

If they succeed in collecting enough signatures for the recall petition, it will be Josh’s name on the ballot, but the Trump cronies won’t stop there.  Their ultimate goal is to reverse the hard-won progress we’ve made on immigration, on healthcare, on labor rights, on climate change and the environment, and on women’s issues.

Pledge to Josh’s campaign today to ensure if that the Republicans collect enough petitions, he’ll have the resources to fight back. Your credit card will not be charged UNLESS Republicans collect enough signatures. 

If DeMaio and his friends really cared about protecting tax dollars, they wouldn’t be so eager to take millions of dollars away from kids and firefighters to spend on a wasteful recall vote.  And their costly recall election won’t do anything to solve the real problems families care about.


Josh Newman beat the odds last November to turn California’s historically Republican 29th Senate District from red to blue, sending shock waves through establishment politics.  Josh isn’t a typical politician; he’s a veteran who founded a nonprofit committed to helping young vets find rewarding jobs when they returned home. In the California State Senate, he’s been a strong, independent voice for his Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino county constituents.

Josh needs your help to fight this cynical, underhanded recall petition effort and the Trump-style campaign against him.  Join Josh to protect our progress in creating good jobs, cleaning up our air and water, improving education, and fighting for dignity for our military families.  Together we can take a stand against the Trump operatives who would squander millions of our tax dollars just to keep their own names in the headlines. 

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    “Josh ran for office to help veterans get jobs. He was tired of complaining about the system and wanted to be part of the solution so he ran and won. Veterans are putting their faith in him as the Chair of the Senate Veterans Committee.”

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