Why you should support James Cargas

We deserve a Member of Congress who represents our values. Houstonians want Congress to expand access to health care, stand up to discrimination, believe and invest in science, support innovation, promote renewable and sustainable energy, and build an economy that gives all hardworking Americans the opportunity to succeed.

The stakes have never been higher, and we need someone who is ready to do the job on day one. I worked on Capitol Hill before the Tea Party, Culberson and Trump corrupted it. I have served in President Bill Clinton’s White House and Gov. Bill Richardson’s Department of Energy. Today, I serve as the Houston Mayor’s energy lawyer.

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Here to listen … fighting for our values in Texas 7th

I’m running for Congress to stand up to John Culberson and Donald Trump when they ignore our Constitution, and to ensure that the promise of America belongs to all of us. My promise to you is to fight for a sustainable future.

For the future of affordable health care, where America cares for its sick and elderly and doesn’t drive them to bankruptcy,

For the future of our great Nation, where candidates and elected officials do not collude with Russia, but stand up for and respect our Constitution,

For the future of women and women’s rights,

For the future of our children, where they receive the education and health care that is vital for their success,

For the future of immigrants, where law-abiding residents do not live in fear of deportation or from having their families and communities torn apart, and where refugees are welcomed,

For the future of science, where Congress accelerates cures for terrible diseases and invests in critical biomedical research,

For the future of renewable and sustainable energy, where Houston keeps and grows its title as Energy Capital of the World,

For a future Houston that is safe from flooding, where flood control projects are fully funded and FEMA checks no longer necessary,

For a future free from violence, where gun ownership is both a right and a responsibility.

For a future America, where there is no place for hate or discrimination, and where everyone has an equal opportunity to live, work, vote and has pride in being an American,

For a future with viable public transportation options, where cars and light rail can reach the Galleria and our airports, and worst traffic in Texas will only be a memory,

Congress is broken. The only way to repair the damage done is to remove the obstructionist Tea Party, including John Culberson, and begin the work of rebuilding a Congress that values fairness and respect for our Constitution.

I have traveled throughout the district listening and learning how Congress impacts our communities. I have the experience to hit the ground running; working for Houston. But I cannot do this alone. Your donations and your votes are essential.

Because each vote, seals the protection of our values and our Constitution.

Because each vote, seals the face of Democracy

Because each vote, seals the future of America

Ready to act … fighting for our values in Texas 7th

I am a public servant, renewable energy expert and proud life-long Democrat. After earning the highest vote percentage (44%) of any Democrat in Texas 7th since 1964, I am excited to be a candidate for 2018.

My first job after graduating from the University of Michigan was serving the United States Congress. I was the Deputy Press Secretary to Cong. David E. Bonior (D-MI). Subsequently, I graduated from the American University, Washington College of Law in Washington, DC, where I was President of the Environmental Law Society.

My legal career has included both the private and public sectors, and includes serving President Bill Clinton at the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, and serving Gov. Bill Richardson at the U.S. Department of Energy. I am admitted to practice law in Texas, Washington DC, West Virginia and Michigan. In 2017, I was elected President of the Energy Bar Association’s Houston Chapter.

Today, I am the Senior Assistant City Attorney for Energy under Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner, a position I also held under Mayors Bill White and Annise Parker. I have played a significant role making Houston the 7th largest purchaser of renewable energy in America, and recently was instrumental in adding 50 MW of solar power to the City’s portfolio.

Personal Life: In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, a skill I first learned working in my father’s restaurants. Every winter, I look forward to skiing. And, I am a proud Eagle Scout. I am married to Dr. Dorina Papageorgiou, a neuroscientist and Assistant Professor at the Texas Medical Center. We are active members in Houston’s Greek Orthodox community. We love seeing and playing my 3 year old niece and our god children ages 3 and 1.5.

Please visit my websiteto learn more.

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May 21, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!