It’s time to end the corruption, lies and failure leadership of those who have betrayed the great people of Cook County.

Electing Dominick Izzo as Cook County Sheriff will restore the people’s trust and faith in our public servants as together, we lead the way to restoring honor in our community.

Dominick Izzo has been serving the community in Law Enforcement since 2001.

Having served as a police officer for the Greater Round Lake Area for his career, Izzo has been a resident of Cook County Illinois since 1975, with his family’s background residing in Chicago’s northwest side, later settling in the northwest suburbs of Cook County.

Izzo’s passion is in community service and the ideals of Law Enforcement which embody the public trust.

“Cook County is the greatest county in our nation, being one of culture, class and community.  Our goal is of us becoming one community again, with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department as the preeminent model of all Law Enforcement throughout our nation.

The people of Cook County have suffered long enough under the false pretenses of our political figures’ lies and promises as they use the struggle and pain of the people to rise in power while they do nothing for our community.

It is time to return to having a relationship of trust, transparency and integrity between the people and the peace officers who serve them, based on strictly adhering to The Constitution and the Rights of all members of our community.  It is time to strengthen our resolve and restore that which has been taken from us…our honor as a community.” – Dominick Izzo 

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May 23, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

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