Just imagine the message and the power – progressive Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa steps to the microphone the day he is inaugurated as California Governor and pledges that the entire state of California will join together to fight Trump and protect California’s cherished values.

We can make it happen. We can send a proud and proven progressive to the Governor’s office in Sacramento and, in doing so, send Trump a message he can’t ignore.

A Progressive Who Gets Results

Antonio Villaraigosa is the former Mayor of Los Angeles who has also served as Speaker of the California State Assembly, where he passed pioneering legislation like the assault weapons ban, a dramatic expansion of health insurance for children and major new investments in California’s schools – particularly the school facilities of urban and poor children that had been ignored for decades.

The former head of his local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and a union and community organizer, Antonio was an early supporter of marriage equality – more than a decade before other Democrats began to advocate for this vital civil right. As Mayor of the nation’s second largest city, he made historic investments in mass transit, promoted constitutional community policing to lower crime and made his city a global environmental leader.

Keeping the California Dream Alive

A former high-school dropout who went on to community college and then to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Antonio worked to make sure more kids had the support they needed to succeed while Mayor. He invested heavily in Los Angles public schools – dramatically increasing graduation rates.

Antonio is running a grassroots campaign for Governor – taking his campaign to the many forgotten corners of California and boldly proclaiming he will give voice to all Californians, particularly the millions who have been left out or left behind by the economic expansion. He states his values clearly:

“We have too many Davos Democrats who fly over our state, but don’t visit us in our living rooms. Politicians spend too much time with the people who drive Teslas and not enough time with the people who take the bus or are struggling to find the gas money to get to work. We must be the party fighting for everyone and remember that we can’t truly be progressive, unless we are making progress for the millions who are being left behind.”

#NoBanNoWall and Preserving California as a Beacon for the World

From the day he announced his candidacy for Governor of California, Antonio stood up for immigrants and all those facing discrimination – as he has done throughout his life. His campaign has organized every day to fight the Muslim ban and to prevent the building of a border wall. He was the first candidate for Governor to call for the impeachment of Trump if the reported facts are found to be correct.

Antonio’s campaign for Governor is focused on closing the gap between the rich and poor because, for Antonio, the California Dream is no slogan or cliché. It describes his life. And he wants to keep that dream alive – and make sure it can shine as an example around the nation and the world.

Join us today. Give what you can to make Donald Trump’s worst nightmare come true – a proud progressive like Antonio Villaraigosa leading the resistance from California’s Office of the Governor!

For more information, go to antonioforcalifornia.com

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June 30, 2017

We Have Just Hours to Go and Need to Ask for Your Help Again

We’ve gained a lot of ground, and now our campaign has the momentum. Thank you for your support. We couldn’t have done it without you. Today, we face another fundraising deadline and have just hours to go.

Since we launched Antonio’s bid for Governor last November, he’s been all over the state, making good on his promise to give voice to all Californians by listening—particularly to those who have been left out or left behind.

We are at a critical crossroads, and we need to ask you again for your help to keep us on the road and continuing to fight for progressive policies that make real progress to improve our schools, create high-wage jobs and protect the health of our residents.

We are fighting every day to protect California. Not with Tweets and press releases, but by standing up for our core values and fighting for the sensible policies that will lift more families into the middle class, protect immigrants, preserve our environment, safeguard our healthcare and enhance the very best of California.

Today marks the June 30 fundraising deadline, and we’re still thousands away from reaching our goal. Can you take a moment to make another contribution?

Your support is crucial, and we are so grateful for your support. Thank you, again, and we look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

Antonio for California

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