I have been a catalyst for change for almost 30 years as a community organizer, a journalist, and a scholar. I'm known as a fighter already and can get the job done for people in Connecticut. It's that simple.

As an educator and journalist for more than  15 years, I have spent my professional career caring for people and communities, including my family. Now it is time to care for our country. I have accumulated a wealth of experience since I move to Connecticut in 1987. I believe that the democratic ideals we have are under threat. My current representative in Congress, Chris Murphy, has been deaf to the concerns of his constituents until I entered the race. That's a good start for Murphy. But I have more than 15 years of listening to constituents in every corner of the state.

Additionally, more educators are needed in government. We can employ critical thinking skills and give detailed analysis and action plans to serve Connecticut better. Congress is failing us and we have given it a poor grade. So it's time for educators like me to move to the head of the class. 

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