We are the volunteer staff for Jim Walz; moms and dads, students, grandparents, African American, Caucasian and all colors in between. We are gay, straight, the parents of transgendered children and those with family members who have autism and special needs. We are business owners, laborers, homemakers, physicists, and blue collar workers. We have dedicated our time and talents to Jim’s campaign because we know that he is not another hand-picked establishment candidate, but one who is sincere, capable and will not forget where he came from when he goes to Washington, D.C.

Please allow us to introduce you to Jim Walz.


Jim has been a tireless advocate for working families in Illinois, beginning with civic engagement and advocacy work in the community. He has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with neighbors, pushing back on establishment policies that drove up taxes and cut vital programs in education and for our seniors. Jim lives what he says and says what he means.

Jim beat the odds in 2016 by winning the primary and mounting a serious challenge to the GOP incumbent’s multimillion dollar campaign. Jim did all this with only $20,000, no party support and a handful of volunteers.  He knocked on every door himself, walked every mile and personally spoke to people all across the 14th district.

Jim is a fighter and he’s not ready to give up.

Jim Walz is a genuine leader, able to navigate complex issues and find a consensus that benefits American families. Jim has taken on the Tea Party, billion dollar PACs and our Democratic Party leadership to defend our rights, regardless of the personal cost. He lives by his word and proves it daily.

Jim is outspoken about the crisis of climate change and the opportunity we have to lead the world with infrastructure upgrades for sustainability, STEM initiatives with schools, supporting small businesses and engaging civic leaders. He is currently spearheading a program to install two complete solar arrays in Warran Township schools in collaboration with civic and business groups.

As a Progressive, Jim has always been about putting people first and defending our rights. He is an advocate for veterans, making education affordable for students, and creating economic prosperity through strengthening education, sustainable energy programs and a fair tax plan for all of us.  Jim believes that healthcare is a right, not a privilege and that equality for all, regardless of gender, race, or orientation are basic principles of human decency.  We will stand together.

What sets Jim apart is that he is a true servant leader. He sees the opportunity to serve as a privilege, that it is an honor and one that must be earned. Those who have met him are struck by his open, warm demeanor and sincerity that is seldom witnessed in politics today. When he speaks to you, he looks you in the eye and listens. He embraces people from across the political spectrum who share a common goal of economic prosperity for working families and a drive to create a secure future - together.

This is not politics as usual. This is us, the “we” that has been missing from our civic conversation for too long.

Please join us in supporting our cause, our candidate – Jim Walz for Illinois’ 14 Congressional District.


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    “I support JimWalz because his stance on the key issues are verymuch in line with mine. I liked the fact he is a BERNIE and HARTMANN guy like I am.”

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    “I support Jim Walz because we need people who represent our interests, believe in science, & support our right to affordable healthcare.”

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    “Someone in Washington who actually stands up for equality, science, and affordable healthcare? Yes yes yes!”

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    “I support Jim Walz because #berniebond. Jim fought for Bernie. I fight for Jim.”

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    “Because he makes it about us not him”

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    “I endorse Jim Walz because he will represent the ALL constituents of the 14th District. He will put people over party, protect our health care, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, our environment. We need him to protect our system of checks & balances. He will fight for our constitutional rights, our American values that are currently threatened.”

May 26, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!