At my core, I'll always be an educator. I received two degrees from MIT, where I worked in the mailroom to help cover expenses, and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Illinois. I went on to teach chemistry at Cal State-Fullerton.

I originally decided to run for Congress because I was tired of watching my students struggle with more than just their day-to-day studies: they are stressing about the high costs and pressures of basic necessities on top of exploding tuition. I decided it was time to make a difference, and the events of November 8, 2016, set this plan into action.

As my wife, Angie, and I were watching the election returns roll in, we were in shock. My self-described “feisty, nasty woman” was stunned, and it was at that moment that we knew we would dedicate our lives to public service not just in education as we had already been doing but also in healthcare, the environment, wages, LGBTQ issues, and many more.

The families and students of our district need an advocate who will fight for them. They need someone who represents the values of our community – those same American values that say we can still accomplish great things and find solutions when we all work together.  

How we win:

We were the first campaign out of the gate - and our momentum grows by the day. As I travel across our diverse district, I hear more and more from people who are ready for a representative who listens to all of us and puts our interests ahead of the Washington special interests.

Despite Hillary Clinton winning our district by 9%, Congressman Ed Royce votes in lockstep with his party. We deserve a representative who is 100% for you, not 97% for Trump.

The road to retaking the House runs through districts like ours. Together, let's reclaim our voice and bring solutions to Congress!

Congressman Ed Royce's Greatest Hits:

- Supporting Trump's Muslim Ban

- Voting over 50 times to dismantle the ACA and voting yes on Trumpcare

- A long history of voting against the EPA's ability to keep our water and air clean and safe

- Named in an article as "one of Wall Street's secret weapons in Washington" 

- Participated in an anti-Muslim rally in his district in 2011

- Repeatedly voted against the Civil Rights Act

- Co-sponsoring "English only" legislation

- Having a long history of taking far-right positions on immigration

And that's only a partial list!

I hope you will join with me in our fight.

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