I'm running for Governor of Tennessee because it's time for a change.  It's time the government know that they work for the people of Tennessee, not the other way around.  It's time the lower and middle class people gets a break in life.  I want to see that the people of Tennessee gets help when they need help, because it does not matter who you are every now and then we all need some kind of help.  It's time the people takes the government back,  I promise if something happens where the people wants to talk to the Governor of Tennessee I'll be there not hiding out somewhere at the capital.  Vote for me, I'm the one who will be working for the working class people not the big guys setting behind a desk in a 500.00 dollar suite. 

We need better Education, roads, bridges, union support, Womens rights and it time the people of Tennessee takes back their government.  It's time the voted officals knows that they work for the people of Tennessee,not the other way around.  I won't be like other Governors when a big issue comes up, I'll be out there with the great people of Tennessee not hiding somewhere in the Captial building.  Now all I need is the support of the hard working people of Tennessee to get out and vote for me and together we can make Tennessee one of the greatest states in the United States.

Together we can make Tennessee the greatest, remember "United We Stand Divided We Fall.

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June 23, 2017

United We Stand Divided We Fall

The type of person we need in the Governor office.  Is one who is willing to work on behalf of every single citizen in the great state of Tennessee, not just a few select millionaires. So get to campaigning for me and I promise if I win I'll always be right here in Tennessee working to make life better for you . 

Now let's all get "FIRED UP" and get this campaign rolling and let everyone through out the state of Tennessee hear our voice.  We're not going to take your crap anymore and we're not going to let anyone take anymore of our freedom away.

Campaign created!

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