The mission of the Young Starr movement is to educate, empower and change lives.

Young Starr personally experienced what her Movement represents.  Young Starr has survived physical, mental abuse while in a 11 year abusive relationship.

Young  Starr was determined to overcome her struggle by regaining her self worth with in depth spiritual prayer, with her will and determined to over come her circumstance. Young Starr utilized music and prayer  and her spirituality of faith  to get out of her circumstance in transforming from a 'victim' to claim victory in her life.

Young Starr's mission is to  Help bring Awareness to the plight of those among us who are victims, and survivors of domestic violence, homelessness, and the Youth in our communities who lack direction. By providing personal guidance, Love, support  and the true understanding of each individual on a case by case basis needed.

The YOUNG STARR Movement STRIVES for the AUDIENCE as the ‘voice’ to be heard and Not just seen. The ‘LISTENER’ can Not hear, if they do Not Speak.

The Young Starr Movement programs, events and activities strive to promote and inspire awareness, positive self esteem, Love and understanding and an aspiration for collective and individual engagement to help others in any need.

The importance of supporting this campaign will allow Young Starr to continue her purpose and passion to those who may 'feel' or see no way out of their situation, while sharing her personal 'story' of her path of survival, from where Young Starr 'was' to what she has become.
Young Starr was able to secure a venue  to have our first outdoor event in Central Park NYC on 9/2/2107.  "Purple In The Park" Domestic Violence Awareness where We need all the support to cover costs associated with this FREE outdoor event.

By supporting this great needed cause against "Domestic Violence Awareness" you would help us to help so many who need our Love, and support by providing a fun filled day of  Unity, Hope & Joy.

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!