"Would our founding fathers approve of today's politics or would they stand and fight the corruption, fight for what they know is right, and not be led astray by the same congress who over the last two decades have allowed this debauchery to destroy American values and morals?

Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas PAINe, and George Washington would remove those who oppress, and remind everyone of the principles of which we are founded! Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!" 

Our forefathers instilled in their children, and through time down to us, a wonderful power. The power to choose who represents us! "WE THE PEOPLE!" The time has come to send a message not only to our district, or Alabama, but TO ALL America! We will hold ALL chosen to represent us to a high standard! Of which the least is "HONESTY and LOYALTY to those you represent"! Lets Save America! While WE STILL CAN! And THIS NATION, "OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE! SHALL NOT PERRISH FROM THE EARTH!!!"

I am sick and tired of this "doesn't play well with others congress" Are you?! Time our Congress leads, follows, or GETS OUT OF THE WAY!

I want you to be informed! Fight poverty not the poor! Power over time leads to self servitude and not the Public's best interest. Anyone who has held a position over two decades now should have accomplishments to show for it. I do not know about you but when I look around and ask myself what has changed in the last 20 years I really can't tell you. It seems like the only thing we have is pessimism. If you dwell on the negatives pretty soon that's all you can believe. I know that the last time I felt genuinely good about my life and how I viewed the world was not in a Time of War. 

Abraham Lincoln made the statement " The only way  to defeat an enemy  is to make them your friend."

Now I know that there are many things that we cannot prove actually happened or didn't happen. We have become biased. Not in a good way or in a way of coming together. Rather, in a way of looking at the world through are tiny being. There is nothing wrong with that. If you are happy with your job and you support your family and that takes up a majority of your day , or week, or month, then that's wonderful. But as a society, not a secret one, we can't just let everything gogo without question assuming that someone is there to make sure and safeguard are best interest are taken care of!

"To the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." With separation of church and state we then must conclude that this statement means what it means. Simply put, one government ruled and controlled by its citizens through a democratic elections process free from any specific religion but with faith in a future in this life or the next. That being said I am a Christian I believe in the Lord I believe in Jesus Christ but I am not naive enough to believe that a tiny baby who has never before even heard the name Jesus would not go to heaven or to the next level, or whatever you choose to believe. We are here for a reason. I honestly believe it's too teach us to love in the face of hate. When we are born we are free from sin. We only acquire sin through learning of it. We must always remember the law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I also believe that for every good there is equal and opposite bad. Now I know that doesn't sound optimistic. It doesn't sound optimistic because it's not a true law. If we put laws conceived by man up for everyone to see it tells people "this is what's going on and this is what you MUST base your life and your core beliefs on!" I believe that is the biggest and most detrimental problem that we as a race can have !!! Think of it like this. If there is not a sign with wet paint written on it. Would you touch the wall? Now we know the smell of paint. We also know that if we can smell it that it was painted recently. If we teach our children to use common sense then they would know when you smell paint there's probably wet paint so don't touch the wall. By placing a wet paint sign up we we leave it to our imagination to wonder if the paint is still wet. And nine times out of 10 someone will touch the wall leaving small smudges in the paint and getting the paint on their persons. Now as most people I don't walk into walls. Purposefully! I try not to brush against walls purposefully. We seem to be in a big hurry. We keep worrying about tomorrow and not living today. We care about our family but we don't care about others Family. Until we can stop judging every tiny minut character flaw and realize that being happy and loving one another is what we are here to learn things will never get better.

 Now you can make the argument that what I just said or stated, and I'm using talk to text so that is a correct statement, sounds good, "but if we love everyone someone will take from us!" I didn't say you should love everyone. I stated that "we are here to learn to love in the face of hate." If you do not live by that theory I hope you can be open enough to consider love.  I believe that you could change the word sin to Greed and it apply in nearly 999 out of 1000 cases. What am I saying? I am saying that "if you are here to take from me, or my neighbor, or anyone else then you my friend have an issue." Namely I!

The greatest gift you can receive is love. How do you receive love? It can't be bought and it can't be stolen it can only be given by giving it. Now I know that that seems a little off-kilter and it only seems that way because if you act that way then sin and Evil and all those who are trying to "do greed" fail. So to say someone is crazy or needs help or doesn't have a clear sense of reality would be a great way to making sure that your agenda is followed. I know I have wasted more money in my 31 years of existence then I would have ever truly needed. I also know that my true happiness has never come from money or acquiring money.

We are at a critical point in the world today. We have lead Wars and invaded countries in the name of Defense. Think about that. "In the name of Defense we are attacking others." Now this is where it gets a little off and hard to understand and there is a reason, that reason is "if we understood, we wouldn't do it, and the greed would fail." If someone is truly taking from someone then you deal with them! "If you are blindly following someone because they THINK someone ELSE is going to hurt others or yourself then you need to wake up!" I'm not questioning loyalty. I'm simply questioning the "decision makers." 

"If you're doing nothing wrong then why would you have a problem with someone questioning it." (STATEMENT) It's quite simple and we have a core value or a core feeling in all of us that alerts us when things are wrong. People from "Alabama" call it a "gut feeling". A gut feeling is basically this, "If you have to ask yourself, 'Is this right or wrong?', then you probably know the answer." 

Now a lot of people do not listen to their gut because they either can't truly feel it or do not know that it even exists. But if you think back to when you were a child,  you had it!  That feeling of uneasiness or "Am I going to get in trouble?" YEP!, that was your gut. You maybe prescribed medicine to deal with PAIN, you maybe drinking alcohol or doing drugs to deal with PAIN, you may have had lived a life that was full of pain and for that I WISH HADN'T BEEN THE CASE, TRULY. Over-medicating and drinking to deal with pain doesn't fix the pain. In all actuality it probably causes more. The drink and the drugs, or any other self-fulfilling or self intervening substance or activity, only blinds and destroys!

"I have a problem with people saying that if you don't raise money you cannot represent someone, or the best interest of the people!"

 I find that comment or thought an atrocity!!! Once again, "the love of money is the root of all evil." Not money, the Indulgence or greed of other peoples needs or things! This all goes back to worrying about only yourself. 

I hope I haven't confused you. And just to make sure that I'm called crazy I will make this statement. 

"An eye for an eye, a nose that knows no's."

M.B. Wain (D) Al 4th Congressional District 

PS. I don't know if there is any Merit in this but I believe there is.

"In order to do the opposite of evil we cannot do the opposite of love."

"In order to live we cannot be evol."

Do the opposite of evil=live

Do the opposite of love=evol

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August 4, 2017

I love you!

That's All.

July 8, 2017


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