I come from a very humble background. Two working class parents, a small town where everyone knew everyone. I had a very productive and active childhood. It was not without its challenges, however. My parents were divorced when I was at a young age, my mother became very sick for an extended period of time. I battled my own health issues as a baby into adolescence. I had to grow up much quicker than a lot of children my age at the time. 

   All of these challenges I overcame, and I did it with sheer determination and willpower. The fight inside me was stronger than any opposition that faced me. I rose above all of those challenges and I believe if we work together, we too can face any storm. We have need of a strong and determined leader that will fight for you and your families, not for themselves.

   I understand the need for community, for public safety and strong, quality education for our children. As a 911 dispatcher and volunteer firefighter I know the challenges we face. We must come to grips with those and fight together, united as one voice. Fix our schools and provide more incentives for teachers. Better equipment and opportunities for all of our students. 

  We need stronger infrastructure so that our communities may continue to grow and prosper. We can face all these challenges together, working hard for a better and brighter tomorrow.

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June 5, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!