Dear Donor,

"Running a campaign on a public will means every penny counts," says Abbey Laurel-Smith, a mayoral candidate, a long time friend of the public, public education, a strong supporter of labor with a fervent interest in investing in tomorrows workforce, now running as SmithieForMayor NYC 2017.  

And since it is not new to support democracy by publicly donating to election campaigns - as the only way to get big money out of politics, Abbey Laurel-Smith as SmithieForMayor NYC, is very well qualified for the support of every democracy loving individual American.

If elected Mayor, Smithie plans to:

- Reform the NYPD: bring the NYPD into the millennium by streamlining "targeted POLICE powers" to what, where and when is needed the most - so they could crack down on petty, blue collar, white collar offenders and terrorists faster and better than now.   

- Reform the City COURTS: so justice could be served faster and those found not guilty of the crime they have been charged with, would not have to suffer loss of property and undue incarceration.  

- Reform the criminal justice system by removing jury duty from city Courts - so decisions could be left to Judges and professionals who have been trained to do so.

- Rearrange space by overriding Zoning laws so builders and developers could build underground and above ground.  And whilst doing so, create more jobs, improve on city's housing problem (for city workers, young students, law enforcement officers, fire fighters, sanitation officials) and boost city's economy.   

- Freeze tax by introducing a flat rate tax for a year: so as to help tackle inflation, cost of living in the city, curb rent hike, put money in people's pocket and allow small businesses to thrive.

- Invest in education, give more directives to teachers and provide "more school places" - so families won't have to travel long distances to any schools of their choice.

- Invest in a two- way (private or public) comprehensive single-payer healthcare/insurance system for the city by re-inventing wages, pay scale and a new tax system.  

- Introduce Harlem green "farmers' market" to designated areas all over the five boroughs and enable 30minutes free parking - so people could shop locally and eat healthy food.

- Obesity is killing the city.  Two thirds of our kids and adults are overweight.  As Mayor, Smithie outlined five ways of tackling these problem as well as city's food and agricultural product supply and need.

"Pets are choking all over Central park," so for a clean, green and efficiently friendly New York, Smithie calls for a hefty fine on dog foulers, litter perps and fly tippers - those who go about with the purpose of dropping trash into construction bins.

Please remember Smithie can only do this with help coming from members of the public like you.  

Your generous donation will not only help in our fight to get big money out of politics, it will also help this campaign get the airtime it badly needed.

With warm regards,

Abbey Laurel-Smith

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June 11, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!