Why you should support Mary Khalaf

Mary Khalaf is a wife, mother, former federal officer & adviser who has operated The Khalaf House, a safe space for wellness, for 12 years.
Having served her community through meeting their mental wellness needs alongside her work of cultural awareness has given Mary a pulse on the needs of everyday Americans & she would like to carry forth her experiences into public service.
Having overcome and currently battling cancer has instilled a need in Mary to make a difference in the world around her with the time God has provided.
Mary is a Constitutional Conservative who believes many of our Nation's problems can be resolved through adhering to Constitutional Principles such as smaller Government, lower taxes, State + Personal + Property Rights & inclusion of the common man in politics.
Utah is growing & one of the best States to live in because we adhere to Conservative fiscal + social values. It's important to Mary to preserve these values for our children who are risk of being taxed into slavery through bureaucracy & poor management.
The wife of an Iraqi immigrant gives Mary a unique window into the needs of our growing immigrant community & she hopes she can help Ogden's immigrant community prosper while integrating into the fabric of the city.

$1,500 limit per person.

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Jun 23 2017

Funds needed for a billboard

I'm trying to raise $1,950 for an electrical billboard that I believe will raise awareness for my campaign.

I would like to ask for your support in raising funds to pay for the billboard.

Any amount can help.

Thank you. 

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Jun 13 2017

Campaign created!

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