Danon Middleton has been a public school teacher for 8 years. He began his career with Phoebus High School in Hampton , Virginia, where he taught both English and Theater. For the last 3 years he has taught English at Jamestown High School here in Williamsburg. After nearly a decade in the classroom, Danon has realized that teachers and families are too often overlooked and ignored by administrators and policy makers. 

Teachers deserve more support than ever. With increased pressures in the classroom and stagnated funding and salaries, too many teachers leave the district for higher pay or exit the profession entirely. Danon will focus on giving voice to teachers' concerns and ensure they have the help they need and funding they deserve.

In addition, students and families deserve respect and attention. From bullying and overcrowding to rezoning and course offerings, many students have a difficult time learning while many families end up withdrawing their children from the district schools entirely. Danon will listen to families and hold administration accountable. 

The simple truth is WJCC Schools is a top-heavy organization that places too much pressure and responsibility on the backs of teachers and families. Danon seeks to reverse that trend by advocating for a more efficient organizational structure, prioritizing spending on classrooms and students and holding administrators accountable. Vote for Danon in November and help change our schools for the better.

Danon lives near New Town with his wife, Kimberlyn, and their four children. An Air Force veteran, he holds an MA from George Washington University, an MBA from Liberty University and is near complete with a graduate degree in Education. 

Middleton for WJCC

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