Jon Ossoff probably lost for any number of reasons against Karen Handel -- most notably that the district has been a Republican stronghold for decades. 

But democrats have done themselves no favors -- relying on the house is burning down messages to rile up donations without any semblance of a long term plan or positive message for the country. 

The emails have got to improve, period. 

Tim Tagaris, former digital fundraising director for Bernie Sanders agrees. Everyone on Twitter does, tooEven John Hodgman has weighed in.

As Democrats, we get how important grassroots donations are. They fuel our efforts against massive, dark money donors. But we can do better, and if we want to take back the house in 2018, we must do better. 

That's why instead of simply complaining and criticizing, we're offering the DCCC something they can't ignore: money. 

We'll pledge $10,000 to the DCCC if they publicly commit to scaling back the doom and gloom. 

Your credit card will only be charged in the DCCC publicly commits to taking a different approach with their email program. 

Sure, sometimes things really are dark, and we did just lose. 

But treating supporters like an ATM, lying about "matches," and constantly putting readers in the mindset of losing likely contributed to the outcome in Georgia. 

With our wallets, we're hoping we can save the Democratic Party from itself. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!