As a military veteran, husband, and father of five, I have spent my entire professional and adult life caring for and serving others. Now, I have made the decision to serve all citizens of our great country and restore the freedom this land once offered. For years, the Constitution, with the liberties it protects and limitations it places on government, has been degraded and tossed aside to benefit politicians and the corporations who pay them. The God given rights of the people, the very essence of our nations roots, have been challenged as the Democrat and Republican politicians use legislation to control the citizens of the United States. Even now, the supposed party of individual freedom has such dysfunction, that restoring our liberties will only be found through those whose allegiance remains with the people, not the party.

In recent years, fewer veterans have sought elected positions in government where their dedication to liberty, the Constitution, and the people are needed most. Our government has gone off the path of protecting our freedom, and politicians have cultivated an environment where they maintain power over us.

It is up to us to set the proper course.

MY BACKGROUND: Being born and raised in Clovis, CA, my values have been developed through growing up in what is now the 22nd Congressional District, my military service, as well as my being a husband to a loving wife and father of five great children.

Three weeks after graduating from Clovis High, I began my career in the United States Navy. My primary assignment was as a Sonar Technician, maintaining electrical equipment and performing underwater acoustic analysis to track and prosecute submarines. This position required the upkeep and maintenance of a Secret Security clearance for preserving the confidentiality of military intelligence, something direly needed to replace our current representative. During my tenure, I also participated in Counter-Narcotics Terrorism operations in the seas of South America, I earned the Humanitarian Service Medal for my efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and was awarded three Good Conduct Medals for honorable and ethical Naval Service. After four and a half years aboard the USS John L. Hall, my sea service tour was over, and I returned home to Clovis to become a recruiter in the Clovis Recruiting Station.

Following my honorable discharge in 2012, I went on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and a Master’s in Business Administration. For the past several years, I have worked in the Human Resources Division for a local municipality.

Now, I am prepared for my next adventure, representing the diverse population within California’s 22nd Congressional District in Washington D.C.

MY PHILOSOPHY: I have personally witnessed and experienced our government's shortcomings; from the treatment of veterans who leave the military with medical conditions to the overreach of government to control the lives of citizens.

Our government exists to protect the rights of citizens; it is not the position of the government to control us. For decades, politicians have used their perceived authority to regulate citizens, whether it is their finances or personal lives. The control must be put to an end, and freedom must be restored. Any legislation that leads to an increase in spending or taxes, a decrease in freedom, or involvement in the affairs of foreign countries that pose no threat to the United States should be shut down.


WE MUST ELECT A GOVERNMENT THAT PLACES PEOPLE OVER PARTY: The primary focus of the two major parties has shifted to maintaining control of the government. Many have lost sight of why they are there, which is to represent, protect, and benefit the people of the United States of America. We must transform the structure of our country to what it was meant to be, where the government does not control the people, rather, the people control the government. To do this, measures must be set into place to confine our government within the bounds of the Constitution and be representative of the American people. I will author and submit legislation for all proposed legislation be viewable by citizens well before a vote except in cases of national security and preventing congress from exempting themselves from laws they pass.

RESTORING FREEDOM TO ALL: The United States has long been thought of as the land of the free, but with politicians continually developing new methods in which they govern over citizens, those freedoms have dwindled significantly. Every individual has the right to lead their life the way they see fit, so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. Needless regulation stifles free thought, innovation, and in turn reduces our countries impact in the global economy. Additionally, government’s desire to regulate people impedes our birth-right freedom. It is crucial the representative of our district stands up, and votes, in favor of our right to lead out the lives we desire, and I will be that representative.

THE DEBT HAS BEEN BUILT IN DISREGARD FOR WHERE FEDERAL FUNDING COMES FROM, THE TAX PAYER: For years, congress has developed budgets which increase the national deficit; and for years, presidents have signed these budgets. If congress does not desire to handle the national deficit, they simply increase the American debt ceiling, allowing them to continue irresponsible spending of tax payer money. If we do not spend money in a more responsible way, if we do not grow our economy to increase revenue, and if we do not regain our status as the world’s most innovative nation to increase exports, we continue growing the problem. I want to responsibly roll back stifling regulations and restrictions to allow our nation to grow, and clamp down on unnecessary and wasteful spending; not just in a certain area, but across the board. Federal revenue is generated off the backs of working Americans, it’s time our representatives respected that.

AMERICA COMES FIRST: Our country has not known peace in over a decade. Service members who were just two years old in the beginning of the conflict are now fighting oversees. After thousands of our bravest have died answering the call of our nation, and trillions of dollars having been spent, the United States little to no gains in the means of securing our country. The U.S. requires an invincible national defense to only be used as defense; not for regime change, political persuasion, or foreign influence. America comes first, we need to address our flaws and shortcomings before we can begin to think we can solve the world’s problems. The money being provided to other nations should be scaled back, beginning with those most likely to use our own money against us.

SERVE THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED US: One example of where we can fix our problems is improving the care of returning veterans. We have sent these men and women to war, they are owed as normal of a life as possible, and it is our responsibility to support them in their pursuit of happiness. Instead, they are turned away at the doors of the VA, just to commit suicide in the parking. While I agree with the Veterans’ Choice program in that veterans should have control over their care, I do not believe the VA should be defunded as what is happening. Contrary to this, I believe Veteran Affairs Hospitals should be equipped with crisis stabilization abilities to meet the immediate needs of critical situations.

IMPLEMENT AN IMMIGRATION PLAN WHICH BENEFITS CITIZENS AND IMMIGRANTS: Immigration has become one of the most contentious topics in politics. The left and right are both correct in identifying the need to change our immigration processes, the shortfall of each is the inability to develop a logical long term solution benefiting citizens, the American economy, and immigrants. Pursuing a market-based immigration structure would allow immigrants to have jobs before entering the country, allow citizens the first opportunity for positions, and ensure farmers and ranchers have the labor needed to successfully continue their operations. Streamlining immigration also incentivizes those wanting to enter the United States to proceed through the process to allow for vetting, verifying our country is accepting those who pose no danger to society. In addition to immigration policy, we also need to address the abuse of our entitlement programs such as foods stamps and government funded medical care. Closing the loopholes strips away much of the incentive to remain in the United States illegally.

NEW METHOD TO STOP THE NATIONWIDE DRUG EPIDEMIC IS NEEDED: The Richard Nixon Drug War has only intensified America’s drug problems; after spending $1 trillion, we lead the world in incarceration rates and are third in drug related deaths. For us to be serious about wanting to reduce drug related problems in our country, we must first admit to ourselves that after over forty years this drug problem has not gotten any better; in fact, it has gotten worse. The United States does not have an answer to this problem, so it is time to look to the strategies of other countries to formulate a new method for reducing incarceration rates, police fatalities, drug overdoses, the number of children of drug addicted parents and the associated costs to the tax payer. While the Portuguese method of reducing overdoses and other drug related problems within their society has worked. This may, or may not, be a feasible and applicable solution for the United, but I believe we should look to the countries who have been successful in battling the epidemic. With only about half of reported violent crimes resulting in the culprit being charged for their offenses, changing course in the drug war could allow for more time, money, and resources spent in tracking, catching, and prosecuting violent offenders for serious crimes including rape and murder, the people most deserving of the harshest punishments.

Everything wrong with our government is fixable. With your help, we can work together to build a new future for us all.

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November 25, 2017

The First Hurdle, Ballot Access

Our first hurdle in having a Libertarian on the ballot for the U.S. House of Representative seat is having our party listed on the ballot. To meet this goal, I am reaching out to Libertarians within this district to help gather the required 2,000 signatures.

In case we do not meet this goal, the filing fee to be listed on the ballot is $1,740 by February 7; I will need your help in meeting this amount as a contingency plan.

We need to raise at least $1,740!

Whatever we do not use for ballot access will go towards reaching out to the hundreds of thousands of voters in California's 22nd Congressional District.

If you support Less Taxes, Less Spending, and More Freedom, support my campaign today!

June 23, 2017

Campaign created!

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