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May 25, 2018

The Great Progressive Fundraiser of 2018

Dear Unite to Flip Virginia Blue superstar,

Thanks to you, last year we helped elect 15 new, progressive Delegates in Virginia, replacing some very surprised incumbents!

This year, we have our sights set on Congress.  The Virginia grassroots launched a new fundraiser a week or so ago. We can bring sanity and reason back to Washington, together. 

The all-star leadership includes Senators Adam Ebbin and Barbara Favola, the Hon. Bob Brink, and Delegates Gooditis, Guzman, Plum, Lopez, Simon, and Sullivan, as well as key community leaders. Please join us and ask your friends to help too!  Only $325 more at will push the total past $4,999 - please keep the fire going!   

All amounts large and small are critical to success, whether it's $5 or $500.  All donors at the Sponsor level and above will also enjoy a champagne VIP Meet & Greet with elected officials and candidates! June 23, 1:45 PM at the Hyatt Regency Dulles. 

We hope to see you - please bring a friend. Remember to also reserve a ticket to the Summit if you're coming in person.  It's sure to be outstanding.

Questions? Email us at

Visit and join this year's Blue Wave.  You got this!  Activists for the win!

July 26, 2017

What a night! What's next?

Dear Unite To Flip Virginia Blue Contributor:   

What a night!!!  We have raised over $27,000 and money is still coming in. More than 200 of us cheered our candidates as our master of ceremonies Rip Sullivan and keynote speaker Tom Perriello affirmed the stakes in November. Thank you so much for coming out to inspire our candidates and generate energy for the work ahead.   

The work is, of course, mostly theirs. They are the ones sacrificing time and energy from their families and jobs for the vision we share: a representative and Democratic House of Delegates that responds to the needs of our communities. Our contribution is less consuming: a bit out of our wallets, which we invite you to keep open by making regular contributions either through our Crowdpac site and/or directly to individual candidates to whom you feel drawn.   

We urge you to contribute your time as well. We ask you to join us for events and action during the next 15 weeks. Many of us will be canvassing for candidates in districts near and far. We are focusing on state and – with the daily outrages of the president and the GOP Congress – federal politics. Join us and other activists. Unite to Flip Virginia! 

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit these websites for many opportunities over the next four months: 

VA Democracy Forward:
Network NOVA:
Blue NOVA: 
Indivisible Arlington:

July 18, 2017

Please help us solve a puzzle!

Hi all! Thank you for your contribution to the united Virginia swing districts fundraiser! As it grows, we hope you'll please help us solve this puzzle.

Our venue and volunteer organizer would like to know how many people are attending in person, this coming Monday, 7-9 PM, at Clare & Don's Beach Shack, 130 N Washington St, Falls Church, VA.  The RSVP numbers don't match the donations. With your help, we can get close. Could you and your friends please RSVP if you haven't yet? At Eventbrite, on Facebook, or the Google Sheet

And if you feel moved to give again, fantastic! Donations gratefully accepted at  Your funds are sent to the campaigns, not outsiders, so the candidates get to decide what they need, whether it's yard signs, mailings, campaign help - or a TV ad! You can also bring your checkbook to the event in case a candidate there inspires you. 

Thank you! Together for the win - let's dig deep and flip VA!

July 10, 2017

Tom Perriello and the Great Progressive Fundraiser of 2017

Hi folks! We're so excited you're joining us for this adventure to flip Virginia. Whether you're coming in person or not, enjoy this story of our rocket ride to success.

We Virginia grassroots activists launched this fundraiser about a week ago, and it started growing fast - in funds and in attraction. The all-star lineup of progressive heroes who will attend now include: TOM PERRIELLO, plus our fabulous Delegates Rip Sullivan (emcee), Patrick Hope, Alfonso Lopez and Marcus Simon, plus 15 (so far) swing district delegates, along with OneVirginia2021's Brian Cannon and Liz White. Wow!

Thank you for all you are doing. Please ask your friends to help too! We only need $25 more at to push the total past $9,000 - or $1,025 to pass $10,000 - please punt this baby into the big leagues! If you match our largest donor ($100 for each swing district candidate in the slate), you'll get a special prize!

We hope to see you July 24, 7-9 PM, to celebrate our success at Clare & Don's Beach Shack - please bring friends, and RSVP if you haven't yet; instructions on the fundraiser page at With a big crowd already coming, it's going to be a fun time. Wear Hawaiian shirts if you dare.

You rock! Activists for the win!

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!