Fragile… That is the word another member of the Warwick Township planning commission used to describe the balance that makes Warwick Township and Lititz the place where everybody wants to live and visit. I love living here! So much so that my wife and I even started

I have had the opportunity to canvass and speak with hundreds of voters, and I have heard an overwhelming consensus: managing growth is the biggest challenge Warwick Township faces. If you look at the current slate of our board of supervisors, I believe all but one have served on the planning commission prior to being elected to township supervisor.

Out of all the candidates who are running for township supervisor, I am the only one with any planning experience, having been on the planning commission for several years. Not only do I serve the Township, but I also am highly involved in my local church Saint James, serving as the Deputy Grand Knight of the KOFC. I also give back to my community by serving as a volunteer coach and treasurer of the youth wrestling program here in Warwick Township. My strong background in transportation, insurance, and management also speaks to my capabilities. If you to ask anyone around me who I am, they would describe me as an energetic, young, family man.

Why do I share all of this with you? Because from an election standpoint, I consider this process to be like a long interview process in which the Township decides who is best suited for the position.

If Township Supervisor was a hired position and not an elected position, you would set up interviews based off of each candidate’s resumes looking for relevant experience and applicable skills. On paper alone, I have the most relevant direct experience serving Warwick Township, and I have spent countless hours getting to know my voters and making myself extremely available and transparent.

This election year is the first time in decades that Warwick Township residents will actually have a choice in who serves as Township Supervisor. I am asking the voters of Warwick Township to look at my resume, look at my dedication to the community, and Vote for Me(dini). Every day I work, live, worship, and volunteer right here in Warwick Township.

If you would like more information about myself and my campaign, you can visit my website

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July 30, 2017

Crowdpac is live

Local elections rarely get any attention even though they largely have the biggest impact on your day to day lives. Anyone who has ran for office knows campaigns are not cheap. Yard signs, flyers, mailers, and palm cards all cost money but they are necessary tools to get one's name out there. If you are reading this you know who I am and what I stand for but there are voters out there who don't, which is why I need your support.

Any amount chipped in is greatly appreciated!

July 3, 2017

Campaign created!

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