Dr. Kyle Horton is from a family with several generations who have bravely served this country. In keeping with their fighting, proud, patriotic spirit; she’s fought to ensure we fulfill our sacred obligation to veterans, including protecting their right to timely, quality, veteran-specific care.

After graduating summa cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Dr. Horton completed a rigorous program at Wright State University in which she earned both her MBA and MD in five years. When graduating residency, she was selected by her peers to receive the award as the “Outstanding Senior Resident” in the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Internal Medicine in Richmond.

With her family in her heart, she stayed on from her internal medicine residency training to teach and to work in the post-deployment clinic for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. She witnessed firsthand the lasting impact of Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD on our service members. She also saw how the significant mismatch in needs and resources provided to the Department of Veterans Affairs meant delays in care-sometimes with harmful consequences. From that moment on, she committed to learning the ins and outs of Washington and has become a fierce advocate for veterans on the federal, state, and local levels. Her work, and that of many others, culminated in being able to celebrate passage of the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act alongside Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran friends of Clay’s in the US Senate gallery. She has worked on provisions of other legislation to help female veterans receive appropriate care, to end veteran homelessness, to address burn pit exposure, and opiate/medication safety.

From humble roots on a small tobacco farm in Eastern Kentucky, to solid blue-collar jobs, to the GI Bill bringing her family into the middle-class, Dr. Horton and her family have been able to live out their version of the American dream. This was made possible by public policy that focused on helping regular folks get ahead in life and good old-fashioned hard work. The values instilled in Dr. Horton by her parents, who both retired from GM factory work, are why she’s called to fight for hardworking families in Eastern NC who deserve to be heard in Washington.

Why Dr. Horton is running: "The American dream of my childhood is slipping out of reach for too many Americans. As a physician, I have seen firsthand how many North Carolinians are struggling. The middle class is shrinking, and about half of all of North Carolina’s families are living paycheck to paycheck. Too many of our fellow citizens are one medical diagnosis away from financial ruin. The 20th-century programs that built the largest, strongest middle class the world has ever known have been steadily chipped away. Jobs have been sent overseas. Automation has put downward pressure on wages, and the average worker hasn’t seen a pay raise in a generation. Our public schools are being stripped of resources. College has become unaffordable for many, and our young people who do make it through college are graduating with crippling financial debt.

I’ve fought for my patients, veterans, and our American way of life. Now, I want to provide caring, responsive leadership in Congress. I’m ready to fight for an economy that works for all of us, and not just those at the top. If you want to rebuild this country from the middle-class out, then join our campaign to put a Doctor in the House and repeal and replace a career politician."

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