Oregonians for a Better Government are citizens who live in Greg Walden's district who want to place radio ads exposing Greg Walden's lies about his disastrous health care bill, The American Health Care Act. 

Greg Walden was the co-sponsor and author of The American Health Care Act legislation that would cause 23 million Americans to lose their healthcare insurance (per the CBO), including 64,300 Oregonians in our district by 2026. He repeatedly lies about the devastating effects of this bill, especially on older Americans, families and veterans, and those of us with pre-existing conditions.

We want to run radio ads in all parts of Walden’s district, particularly Jackson, Josephine, Deschutes, Umatilla, Hood River and Klamath counties. The 60 second radio ads will expose the lies Walden tells about the devastation his healthcare bill will cause, including the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the 1%.

For a $10,000 budget, we can reach 27,000 listeners with an estimate of being heard by each listener 22 times each. The spot will be aired 1 time each hour for 4 weeks, with the station throwing in the hours of midnight to 6am for free. The average cost per spot is $14.88.

From this initial deployment, we’ll learn from placing advertisements with the radio stations. We hope to expand this effort after this initial campaign to TV advertisements and are using this first deployment to test messaging. 

The math is simple. By donating $20 or whatever you can, you can help us spread the truth about the effects of Walden's legislation. 

Our goal is $10,000 to fund radio ads for 4 weeks. Can we count on you for your support? 


Paid for by Oregonians for a Better Government. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. Not tax deductable. 

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    “Walden's bought and paid for.”

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    “Greg Walden has had a free ride for far too long. In addition to his horrendous efforts to undo ObamaCare, his views on climate change are ignorant, ill-advised, and pandering to his economic interests. Let's do all we can to replace him in Congress.”

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    “I support funding radio ads to expose Waldens lies because the truth needs to be heard!!!”

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    “He is a drumpf brown noser who wanted to take healthcare away by helping draft a horrible healthcare bill that only benefitted the rich.”

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    “The primary is a long way away. Walden will be spreading his lies while an opponent is just being selected. People need to know ASAP what a terrible, horrible, no good representative he really is. Barb Campbell, Bend City Council”

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    “I support these ads because Greg Walden has deceived us...and no longer works for us. He now works for Big Money donors at our expense.”

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    “I support this effort because I am sick and tired of Greg Walden's slick nice guy presentation when in fact he designed a healthcare bill that would kick millions off health insurance and line the pockets of insurance companies”

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    “Greg Walden does not represent his district. He only listens to the out of state fat cats that bribe him with money. It is past time to repeal and replace him.”

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    “He has not worked for the majority of Oregonians. He is working for his fat cat lobbyists. He refuses to listen to the people he represents. We need him out.”

December 4, 2017

New Ant-Walden Campaign Launch with $5K MATCH!

We will be closing our incredibly successful (over $10K raised) campaign which funded radio ads in Bend and Medford-thanks to YOU! 

Our NEW campaign just launched and has a $5K match from a generous donor, after we raise the first $5K.

Head over hear to be one of the first to contribute:  https://www.crowdpac.com/campa...

October 24, 2017

You can listen to our radio spot right NOW!

Ah, technology! 

Finally we figured out how to share our current radio spot with you! 

Click here (you might have to download to listen): 


Thank you again for your support! Let's keep this momentum rolling!

October 24, 2017

Our radio spots are hitting the airwaves this week!

If you are in the Medford area, tune into KLDZ Classic Hits 103.5 or KRWQ Country 100.3. In Bend, you’ll hear us on KSJJ Country 102.9 and The MIX 100.7. 

Thanks to your generous support, this message will air about 300 times in the next three weeks and reach over 25,000 listeners.

And this is only the beginning! 

Last weekend, we attended the Oregon Summit, a Democratic party conference, and handed out flyers detailing our mission. Greg Walden is a disaster for Oregon District 2, and we will be working tirelessly to defeat him in 2018.

Our next steps:

  • We are going to continue raising money for more radio ads.
  • Using seed money from a generous donor, we will be running an initial social media campaign, focused on targeting swing voters in District 2. 
  • Once we’ve got our feet wet with social media, we’ll be focused on building a larger online campaign to defeat Walden.

What you can do to help:

Our radio ad campaign is still open. You can donate again and suggest your friends do the same:


We have a new Facebook page. Like and share right here:


Check out our new website for more about Oregonians for Better Government:


We are so glad to have you as part of the team. Thanks for helping Oregonians for Better Government make big changes in District 2!

We’ll be in touch!

September 29, 2017

WE DID IT, with your help!


Thanks to you, Oregonians for Better Government has met its first fundraising milestone!

We raised over $10,000 to fund radio ads that tell the truth about Greg Walden. He has been representing Oregon Congressional District 2 for a long time, and has become entrenched in the DC Swamp rather than attending to the needs of Oregonians. His heartless health care proposals would devastate Oregon families, and his claims to the contrary are based on pure fabrication.

With your help, Oregonians for Better Government will counter Walden’s misleading messages and attempt to connect with our neighbors over our shared progressive values and policies in our region.

With this first round of funding, we will be running ads on radio stations in Central and Eastern Oregon. Our plan is to be on the air by the end of October. Our next steps are to confirm our media buy, finalize a website landing page, and record our message to be run by the stations.

As soon as the ads go live, we’ll send you shareable links. Together we can call out Walden on his lies, especially about health care. Taking back Oregon Congressional District 2 starts right now. Thanks for being part of our team!


The Progressive Folks at Oregonians for Better Government

July 28, 2017


THANK YOU!! What a terrific response from those who want to hold Greg Walden accountable.  In  less than 3  weeks,  we raised more than $4,000.  This means we are more than one-third of the way to our target of raising $10,000!

We caught a break in Senate last night with the rejection of #trumpcare.  This will not be the end of the GOP attempts to deprive health care to millions of Americans, but we feel a little relief today.

When the Senate passes the ball back to the House, Walden will be part of the process that will reconcile the Senate and House versions.  He has already demonstrated his willingness to cause 23 million Americans to lose their health care, with his first draft of the American Health Care Act.

Please help us hold Walden accountable and tie his own bill to our district, and the devastation this will cause (both in terms of reduction of services AND jobs).  All voters in our Second Congressional District need to be aware of what’s in these bills and they aren’t currently getting that truth through their media sources.  

If you can donate again, please do so. We’re hoping to be able to place these ads in August, and need to have the funds ready to place our advertising reservation.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We live to fight another day.

In solidarity, 

Oregonians for Better Government

Campaign created!

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