I am the only Republican candidate for California's 52nd congressional district with a local record of overcoming bureaucratic excuses with leadership.

As your neighbor I served eight years as Secretary and Chairman on the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group. I have fought for the communities of our district at all levels of government. I have a unique grasp of what local leaders need from their congressman. I will go to Washington and push aside the red tape so we can solve problems like homelessness and traffic together.

I am also the only candidate with professional experience in cybersecurity. I will work to return ownership of data about you, to you. Once you have paid their bill, you will be able to demand companies delete your data. And when we own the data, we will drive a stake through the heart of the surveillance state.

We will continue to keep taxes low. With other California Republicans in Congress I will form the Cut California Taxes Caucus. Each election we will go to ballot here in California with an initiative to reduce state taxes or regulations.

Together we will make America great again. Together we will make California golden again!

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    “I believe we need a change, we continually follow the same process and expect a different result. It's time for Horst to lead the way!”

July 8, 2017

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