My name is Charles Helmick and I'm a libertarian conservative constitutionalist. I believe in my country, the Constitution, my God and Family. Over the last eight years I have watched the two major political parties fight each other and accomplish nothing. They are more interested in each other than the well being of the nation and the people. This is not why "we the people" elected them to office! This is why I want to run for the 17th U.S. Congressional district of Illinois. I want to give the people in my district real representation. I have never been a political person but it seems in elections we are always left with a choice between the "better of two evils". Not this time, I hope that you will support my campaign with a donation. I have a huge mountain to climb against the two major political parties. They have millions to spend and you can bet they will.

 A little about myself now so you might make a good choice. I'm a former active duty United States Marine rising to the rank of Corporal meritoriously.  I spent four years on active duty divided between California and Okinawa Japan. After my tour I moved home to Illinois where I married my first girlfriend Shirley and we have shared 28 years together. We have five grown children and so far seven grand children. I was a certified Law Enforcement Officer and worked for the department of correction for five years. Currently I work at FedEx Ground and have for some 20+ years. College seems a major point anymore as well; I attended Brevard community college making the Dean's list for academic achievement with a 3.98 GPA.

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    “I have known charles for a few years, and what i have come to know is what he cares more about after his family is his country.I would be honored to have him lead us, i wish he would run in new york so i really could benefit from his hard work and love to help others.”

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