After the victory of Donald Trump & our dwindling faith in Congress, we have to come to a conclusion that we deserve better, we can do better, and we will do better. My political campaign is destined to become an example of the transparency and trust that the American people expect from their representative. We will move to a grassroots-related political campaign and eliminate the current system of influence from big money special interests, which disturbs & wrecks our democracy. 

The pathway to bringing back our democracy starts with the 6th Congressional District in New Jersey. Representative Frank Pallone is a career politician and will have been in Congress for 30 years in 2018, but the 6th Congressional District needs a newer, fresher voice representing the people. Frank Pallone has done a decent service to this area since becoming Congressman in 1988, however I feel that I, with your support, can do a better job at representing the people and not the special interests. 

My platform is about not only preserving our future and making it better, but allowing our future generations to flourish as well. I will work towards ensuring that everyone will be guaranteed adequate healthcare, equal rights, a better criminal justice system, better education, a more trustworthy banking system, reliable commuter transportation, protecting our environment, among other goals.

Running as a Democratic candidate for the 6th Congressional District against an experienced Congressman like Pallone will be very difficult. For us to win this district and to be the springboard to change the system for the future, we need more than just campaign contributions. And to ensure that campaign funds are not the barometer of our success, we are capping contributions to a maximum of $100. The impact of contributions pales in comparison to the necessary exposure that we need from all avenues to garner in this movement. Running this small grassroots movement requires significant attention, which is why we need supporters of our movement to share the campaign on social media outlets, register to vote, create awareness for the primary election, print posters, put signs out in their yard, whatever is possible to get our name out there.  

Lastly, provided that it is within federal law to do so, all leftover contributions at the end of the campaign will be distributed back to all donors. I thank you for your support and will continue to ensure that this campaign is about the constituents.

Our movement will be legendary & will change how campaigns are run. 

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July 9, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!