America is at a crossroads. Our nation is divided like never before. Racism, wealth and social class inequities, and sexist views are just some of the problems, and they only seem to keep getting worse. Our current administration is like a bad reality show, run by a dangerous man who has no political experience. President Trump constantly is lying to our faces while he makes moves that only benefit himself and his regime.

Being an American is about being patriotic and it's about fighting for what's right. This is our hour. It's time to take a stand and fight back. But the best way to take a stand isn't violence. It's education.

Our country's future lies in our children. The reason we are in this current predicament is from a lack of education. We need to educate our children to think for themselves and to create a better world. We need to teach them we are all equal and have equal rights. No race, religion, sexual orientation nor gender is better than any other. We are all one.  We need to stand together and do what's best for the country as a whole and for the hard working people who helped build it...not for the corporations and not for the 1%.

Another major issue we face is the loss of healthcare for millions of hard working Americans. Trump keeps ranting he's going to "Make America Great Again". Great for who? The insurance companies and Government employees? Without proper and affordable healthcare, our country will crumble. We can no longer stand silent while we are stripped of everything that is so vital. We need to act now before it's too late. It's time for the REVOLUTION!

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A portion of all proceeds will benefit The Clemence Foundation which directly supports charities in Education, Healthcare, and Equal Rights via Save The Children, Americares, and The ACLU.

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You can read more about "Revolution" and the Clemence Foundation at https://www.chrisclemence.com/.

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    “I endorse Chris Clemence because LOVE always defeats hate & LOVE NEVER FAILS! LOVE will never end and always endures all things! Join the Revolution in a peaceful act of Resistance. The only thing a good person needs to do to let evil win is FAIL TO TAKE ACTION! Those were Winston Churchill's words used to inspire others in fighting the most evil regime in human history and it's STILL TRUE!”

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    “I'm with you Chris! Keep up the good work!”

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    “American students deserve a better education”

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    “I endorse Chris for his rebel spirit and for putting his money where his mouth is! Thanks for fighting the good fight for our future & our sons and daughters.”

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    “Because standing up to evil is the only right thing to do.”

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    “It is important that we all stand up for each other, this is a great way to do just that”

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    “This is my homeboy and fellow GK endorsee. It is what's right”

August 20, 2017

5 Days Away!

Thanks to all those who supported so far! We are only 5 days away! We are trying to reach $1,000 by the 25th so we can help benefit Charlottesville victims and the ACLU. Spread the word about this campaign, get your friends and family to join THE REVOLUTION!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!