I am pursuing a Libertarian Party campaign for State Senator against Democratic incumbent Andy Manar in Illinois' 48th Senate district.

I'm running because, like many people who live within the district, I'm sick and tired of the inaction, laziness and utter disregard of the people. I'm talking about everything from the fiscal irresponsibility that led this state to a three-year budget standoff to the irresponsible spending plan and $5.4 billion in permanent tax hikes, which included a secret gas tax.

Our local economy in the region is already struggling, as smaller communities have started to rebuild their local economies. Meanwhile, in Carlinville, Litchfield, Hillsboro, Taylorville, Springfield and Decatur, the local economy has started to go downhill. Manufacturers are threatening to pull out and move jobs elsewhere, more people are being forced onto unemployment than ever and now these newly-enacted tax hikes puts it all in danger. These larger cities already had fragile downtown business districts and these tax hikes can force an economic collapse.

It's time for a Libertarian who's well versed in fiscal responsibility and common sense libertarian principles that can turn Illinois around and continue to take our state back from the two-party system that has destroyed it.

Petitioning will begin in late March 2018 and I'm starting fundraising as early as possible to ensure the campaign can get the message across and also have enough support to collect the required signatures (plus an additional 1,500 to 2,000 signatures to survive a possible challenge).

I appreciate your support in advance.


As we're two weeks away from my 31st birthday on November 21, we're hold a moneybomb campaign.

Unfortunately, campaigns require money and just to get the required signatures would require $15,000 alone. The biggest push then would be campaign literature and major pushes for support.

I'm not asking for you to go broke supporting the campaign, as every little bit helps advance liberty in the 48th Senate District.

Feel free to contribute what you can, but for the sake of this moneybomb:

$11.21 (based on the month and day I was born)

$19.86 (based on the year I was born)

$20.17 (marking my 31st birthday)

$31.00 (my 31st birthday - other multiples of 31 appreciated)

Additionally, with the first $500 raised, I will personally match that amount as a contribution to my campaign.

Moneybomb campaign will run until 11:59:59 PM Central time on November 30.

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!