I'm not a lifelong politician - but got involved in local politics after being tired of mismanagement and waste, to improve the lives of all people in our community. My business accomplishments, advanced education, life experience, and success on the Board of the largest public employer in the Dayton area make me the most qualified for the position. 

I'm passionate about education, technology, & fiscal accountability, since these are prerequisites for strong & prosperous future of any community and nation. As part of my campaign "Adil Baguirov for the Dayton Board of Education," I made 3 campaign promises - more & higher-quality technology (one-to-one technology initiative for K-12 rolled out in one year; special academic intervention software for students, regular tracking of results, & a new phone app that allows parents the flexibility and control they want), better cultural and academic curriculum (complete update and overhaul of curriculum), & greater financial transparency & accountability (established the office of the independent Internal Auditor, increased cash reserves to 10% as required by rating agencies, reduced administrative expenditures by directing more funds into the classrooms, as well as had DPS become the first urban district to join the OhioCheckbook transparency initiative).

All 3 goals have been achieved & exceeded, in much greater ways than one could have imagined. A few other major issues have also been improved, such as transportation - after years of neglect, with average bus fleet age being 15 years and oldest bus being 27 years old, we financed purchase of 115 brand-new top-of-the-line school buses with 10 year bumper to bumper warranty at just 2.06% interest rate (yes, that's two point zero six percent interest rate). Not only will these buses be safer and more comfortable & are universally supported by bus mechanics, bus drivers, parents and, yes, students, but these 115 new buses will save DPS a lot of money that was previously wasted on fueling inefficient old buses, & constant repairs and hard to find (expensive) spare parts (again, average age of the bus fleet is 15 years, oldest is 27 years as of early 2017).

Four active years on an urban Board of a high-poverty school district (second poorest in Ohio) in great distress & on the verge of state takeover is like at least 8 years on any other school Board. As a result of actively modernizing the school district in line with the mandate from the voters, the Dayton Public Schools are in better position now than they were in decades. Where others were unable to move the needle, I helped make success a reality.

Let's be frank - if I can help turn around and improve a massive ship like DPS, and have critically important expertise as a small business owner and entrepreneur in transportation, logistics, technology, healthcare and real estate, I'm well positioned and prepared for the greater leadership on behalf of the voters. Stay tuned.

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July 17, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!