I am seeking the money I would need to run for Congress because I have learned how we can transform the functioning of our market-based economy with a single Act of Congress. 

  • We can immediately and permanently eliminate unemployment, poverty, taxes, and public debt while making the economy more environmentally sustainable. 
  • It would be a stable, self-regulating economy: no more trying to 'manage' the economy using fiscal or monetary policy.
  • To be clear, there would still be no limit on income or property. 

Like the American Revolution that created this nation, this proposal is revolutionary without being radical. It would build on existing institutions, not tear them down. All we have to do to accomplish all of those good things--and more--is to re-form our monetary system.

This is not something I came up with this morning. I have been working on this for thirty-five years. Along the way I did earn an M.A. in economics. 

So far, people have not responded enthusiastically to my attempts to let people know about this idea. Running for Congress is my last resort, not my first. I understand being wary of new ideas--I know I am--but we can't let outright cynicism defeat an idea this good.  

If you want real change, this is the change you should want. 


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July 18, 2017

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!