I have political experience much of it behind the scenes and now it is time to step into the light and run myself and for the people of Durham North Carolina.  Unlike many Libertarians I am not running to make a statement or cover the spread.  I am running to win.  The key issues are helping small business by regulation reduction.  A prime example is cutting back distribution regulations on the many breweries that have become a North Carolina Staple and many other aspect of license or registration hindering many small businesses.  Education is still paramount to solving here in North Carolina.  According to independent study we have the best teachers in the nation however the 40th best educated children.  We need to untie the hands of our teachers and allow them to teach and not only be a test prep class.  We must also encourage real choice and yes public education is part of that choice and should always be part of that choice.  Another issue facing North Carolina is going to be the Drug War and making real steps to the Legalization or at the very least Decriminalization of Marijuana.  So many of the youth of this area obtain lengthy police records because of this and the vast majority are non-violent.  With felonies on their record what chance do they have of obtaining a good job or promising future.  We have these laws to protect our citizens from destroying their lives but it is their lives that the system destroys for them.  It must stop.

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March 3, 2018

The campaign is in full swing

Now filing has past and the campaign is in full swing.  We have made many updates to the profile here and check out our new Hip Hop Video.  It was a lot of fun to make and all the people involved were amazing a huge thank you to all of you.

Campaign created!

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