Honor Robson was the Libertarian Candidate for California’s 33rd State Senate District in 2016 and with very little time, money or name recognition she garnered almost 50,000 votes (22%) in the November General Election.  Although she didn’t win she was able to make a strong showing and is planning to build on that success in her campaign for California State Assembly in 2018!  She is doing this because she’s tired of “business as usual” in Sacramento where the career politicians are in it for themselves and their donors rather than the residents of the state that put them in office.

Honor has always been involved in her community and she knows that when she’s elected to the State Assembly she will have the opportunity to bring a fresh viewpoint to the legislature. As a Libertarian she is in a unique position to work with members on both sides of the traditional “aisle". She will take advantage of this by bringing the voice and needs of her community and leveraging it into policies that will better the economic and educational climate and improve the state’s failing infrastructure for not only her district but and all of California. 

Honor will bring practical and logical Free Market solutions which will give all Californians the opportunity to thrive without government intervening in all aspects of their lives. Please support her so that we can finally bring Honor to California politics and donate today!

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    “In over 30 years of association, I would trust her with my life. I would ask everyone to do the same. I believe in her abilities to do right by her district and perhaps one day the entire state.”

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    “I support Honor Robson because she is ONE OF US, she will get the job done correctly, and just like her name entails; she is HONORABLE. You can believe her words. She vows to be accountable for them.”

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    “She's honest she's trustworthy she's intelligent and she knows what needs to be done and how to do it she is for the people all of us”

March 8, 2018

I need your help to make this happen!

Tomorrow is the deadline to have my candidate statement in the Sample Ballot in June and I need to raise an additional $1,500 to make that happen!  The cost is $5,600 for a 250 word statement that will be seen by every registered voter in my district so it's really important that I can get this done!  I want to make sure that everyone knows there is a REAL alternative to the others running for this seat!

Here's the statement I want all those voters to see:

"In a time when people are yearning for change, Sacramento is offering more of the same. Our politicians take our vote for granted. They are there for the special interests that fund them rather than the people that put them in office.

But there’s a Libertarian alternative! I grew up in Southern California and have been a resident of Long Beach for the past 26 years.  I am a Licensed Engineer and have been working at a Structural Engineering Firm since 1994.  Unlike the majority of our representatives in Sacramento, who have had no job experience outside of politics, I bring real-world solutions.

If elected I vow to:

Reduce the size of Government by eliminating unnecessary regulatory agencies. This will create a business friendly environment and bring back good paying jobs.

Eliminate impediments to starting and running small businesses. Entrepreneurs are the life’s blood of our state’s economy and have been neglected for far too long.

Improve the infrastructure in our state by eliminating frivolous projects like the high-speed rail WITHOUT raising taxes over and over again. Planners have allowed our infrastructure to deteriorate in spite of voter’s passing resolutions to fund them.

Create an environment where non-governmental solutions will be better serve the people of California. This will bring about a revitalized state economy and allow residents unprecedented prosperity.

Eliminate government intrusion into the private lives of our citizens to maximize individual freedom and encourage self-reliance."

Will you please help me make this happen?  I'm counting on you to insure people know they have choices when they vote in June!!

February 25, 2018

Now it's the time where the rubber meets the road!

I haven't written an update for a very long time because I've been SO busy!  I turned in my signatures and will be paying the remainder of the filing fee next week.  So at that point I am OFFICIALLY on the ballot in June!

So now is the time I really need my supporters and friends to help!  At this point there are 4 candidates that will likely be on the ballot. . .the incumbent Democrat, a young college student that is a progressive Democrat, a member of the Green party and ME.  What does that mean?  Well, it very likely means there is nothing between me and the Top-Two!  BUT, to insure that it happens I need to spread my word and name to all the voters in my district!

So if you truly want to see real change in Sacramento, please help me spread my message!  If a bunch of people just gave me $18 (ya know. . .for 2018) I know I will make you proud :-)

December 18, 2017

Now it's getting real!

I've picked up my petitions and will be gathering signatures for my run for State Assembly.  I have volunteers on-board and we are going to get all the certified signatures required.  But the next step is getting my message out the the voters in my district!

I know for sure I will be running against the incumbent but have no idea if others will put their hat into the race, so I have to be ready just in case!  I went to the registrars office this morning and was told that the candidate statement in the sample ballot will cost $5,600 for one page and one language and will go up from there if I want 2 pages and 2 languages.  So please help me to insure I can get the message out to the voters in my district that there IS an alternative!!  Any small donation will help make this happen so please give and share.

December 12, 2017

Thursday's the Day!

Thursday's the day!! I will be going to the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder to start my run for the 70th California Assembly seat!! But I need your help to make this happen! In between now and February I need to get 1,000 signatures and raise the money for my ballot statement and I need as much help as possible!! I know I can get through the primary and be on the ballot in November for the General Election if I get the help from all my friends, family and supporters that realize we need SERIOUS change in Sacramento.

I have big plans for California but I need your help to get the word out that there's an alternative to high taxes!  The Republican Party is all but dead in this state and that's let the Super Majority of Democrats in Sacraments pass every new tax that fits their fancy.  We need to STOP them and I will be the voice of sanity.  I know it's hard for one person to make huge changes but in this case I will be the vote that is against their tax hikes, so I really CAN make a difference.  Will you help?

Please help me make the difference in Sacramento!!

November 20, 2017

Thank you ALL so much!!

I posted last night that it's almost time to file papers and I needed the funds to do so, and with the help of friends and family I DID IT!!

So the good news is I have the filing fee, but the next step is to get my message out to my district.  For that I will need even MORE help!  It will cost a minimum of $3,500 to have my statement in the ballot for the voters to see what I will bring to Sacramento.  It will be twice that if I want my message in both English and Spanish.  My district has a high concentration of Spanish speakers so it's important I can reach everyone.

Last year I garnered a lot of support among the Hispanic community with my Free Market ideas to reduce regulations and increase opportunity for entrepreneurs.  But that was with only the people I was able to meet face to face; so please help me reach everyone so they will know my message is to help them be better able to help themselves.

If all those that support me can just give a few dollars, together we can get this done!  And I promise I will do everything in my power to get this message out to each and every voter in my district!  We NEED huge changes in this state and with your help I will do everything I can to make those changes happen!

November 19, 2017

It's almost time to file papers!

December 14th is the day to file papers for the 2018 Primary!  To qualify for the ballot I will need to pay the filing fees of $1,072.42 so now's the time I really need your help!  Can you help me raise this amount so I can start spending my time campaigning instead of trying to get the 1,000 valid signatures I would need in lieu of the fee?

Now is the time for all of us to raise up against the status quo of Sacramento and elect non-politicians to state office.  In 2016 I was able to get my message out to almost 50,000 voters in my district which garnered 22% of the vote against the powerful, well connected incumbent.  I KNOW with an early start I will have a tremendous opportunity to unseat another incumbent who is more than willing to take your money for car and gas taxes! 

I know with the help of my supporters 2018 WILL be the year for change!!  Any amount toward the filing fee will help!!

Thank you all!!

July 22, 2017

Campaign created!

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