As a nurse, wife, and mother it is important to be involved in the community to create a better future for our children.  This commitment to the future involves serving the people of Harrisburg. My decision to run for Harrisburg Town Council comes from a deep sense of responsibility to see our community's small business' grow, creation of  appropriate infrastructure to support our growth, and opportunities for our families to flourish in a sustainable model. 

As a nurse, I feel my training and experience, provide a different perspective or fresh look at the challenges or issues our community faces. I believe this perspective can help our area grow while still maintaining the quality of life in our town. We also have the unique ability to work together on our shared values of helping others by building our local economy through partnerships with local business owners and our schools. Let's strengthen our local economy by revitalizing Town Center, creating spaces to allow for easy access and recreation, and support our youth through focused and fulfilling activities. 

The responsibility for sustaining our community is ultimately up to all of us and our work together. We want Harrisburg to continue to be a great place to raise a family, to live, and to work!

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