I visited my congressional representative to lay out for him the ways that the health care act that he planned to vote into law in a matter of days would hurt our neighbors. His response was simply a series of talking points. I felt frustrated and helpless.

That didn't last long. I grew up believing in the power of the American people. My family left the tyranny of a dictator in the Dominican Republic when I was three months old, and came to a great country where we appreciated the opportunities that would shape my life. My faith in the United States gives me hope.

I spent thirteen years in the Suffolk County Legislature protecting our environment, standing for the most vulnerable, strengthening our economy and quality of life and ensuring access to healthcare.  

The direction of the current DC leadership that denies science, disdains art and fails to see healthcare and education as a right is contrary to everything I've committed my life to and fought for as a public official.  

I want to rekindle the honest trust in our country and its greatness. Not in xenophobic exceptionalism, but in a generous and enthusiastic embrace of our global community.

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    “I have no doubts at all that Vivian will work for all of our best interests (not just the privileged elite)”

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October 9, 2017

Why I’m Running

Our campaign has had over twenty meet and greets where I outlined why I was compelled to run. As a former legislator who represented the people of Suffolk County, I have been appalled by the lack of connection between our current congressman and the people he is supposed to represent. Every critical initiative that I championed on behalf of my constituents is in direct opposition to what is proposed by the White House and rubber stamped by Lee Zeldin. 

We must support protection of the environment, universal access to health care, scientific research, job creation for a strong middle class, a comprehensive and fair immigration policy, affordable post high school education or training, and,to remind us who we are, the Arts. 

The current congress is ignoring its constitutional imperative to provide Checks and Balances. Members act as if they work for the president rather than as a bulwark against unfettered power at the top. 

I will work for the people and will not fear speaking truth to power. 

Campaign created!

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