I am running for Congress because I believe we don’t have to settle for a corrupt and dysfunctional political and economic system we don’t believe in. We can reclaim our democracy by insisting now on modern, professional, and unconflicted representation by our leaders of all the people rather than only wealthy people and corporations.

I believe that our rigged tax system, which so favors the rich and corporations, is the main reason for our staggering income and wealth inequality. I am certain that only single-payer health insurance (Medicare for All) can achieve fair economically sustainable universal healthcare.

And I know that combatting climate change to save our planet is our most important existential issue – and opportunity. There’s no better way to do well by doing good than a green revolution investing massively in renewables and mass transit infrastructure to stimulate our economy and create millions of jobs.

We simply need leaders with moral clarity to refrain from taking money from special interests, particularly health insurance, pharmaceutical, fossil fuel, and other corporations, to at least give us a fighting chance for good decision-making on behalf of all the people. And then and only then, we will be able to focus on effectively addressing our most pressing priorities.

Vermonters can continue to support the status quo and allow our fate to be passively sealed by others’ values and our own conflicted representatives. Or Vermont can be proactive, lead America’s agenda (like Bernie has done), and lead by example by insisting on better representation now. Neither Republican leadership, nor establishment Democrats care or are able and willing to change their ways to truly fight for all the people.

I ask for your support and vote to fight for a Vermont political revolution towards a government and nation that works for all of us and we can once again be proud of.

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August 15, 2017

Campaign created!

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